【Side off/MOMOKA.】The Day of Taking Care – Gentle and Sweet Master Development and Training Diary

[Ranking]24 Hours:#14
Title:The Day of Taking Care – Gentle and Sweet Master Development and Training Diary
Maker:Side off/MOMOKA.
Release date:2017/11/29
Genre:Boobs, “mothersmilk", verbalabuse, Restraint, Shame/embarrassment, Maleacceptance

This is the day once a month when you are taken care of. On this day, you, the master, will be attended to by two maids who will [take care of you]. Of course, since it’s a special day once a month, the content is completely different from the usual care.
We hope you will enjoy the expression of affection between the two maids in the name of [care].

A maid with blue hair. She has a kindness and maternity that envelops you, and is someone you can rely on in times of trouble.

A slightly mischievous maid with red hair. She has a bad habit of playing tricks on her masters. She is usually the master’s playmate.

~Contents Introduction
01Morning care – Pero Pero when you wake up -(12min 30sec)
Alice, the maid, will take care of you in the morning. She will take care of you in the morning. She will peropero your ears when you just woke up.

02Lunchtime care – Breast milk bukkake to punish you for refusing milk – (18min 40sec)
Alice and Karin dare to punish you for refusing to take milk at noon.
She is told, “It’s not good to leave food on the table when you’re little," and has a large amount of breast milk poured on her face by two men with big breasts. And they even put me in restraints…

Taste the endless milk hell.

03Evening Care: Two Maids Fuck Your Ears from Both Sides (26:45)
In the evening, your ears are raped from both the right and the left by Alice and Karin.
I’ve been licked and sucked hard and I’ve been sucked and sucked hard.
In the end, you will be led to ejaculation while being counted.

04Night care – Double blame of breast milk and ear licking – (13min 50sec)
Finally, it’s time for the main dish. The night care that concludes the [care day] is a double torture of breast milk and ear licking. This is the first time I’ve ever seen this kind of video.
In the end, she is forced to ejaculate on a countdown, which is watched closely and with mockery.

~Other details
Total play time
1 hour, 11 minutes, 45 seconds


by doskoinpo

voice actor
Momoka Yuzuki


PeachStudio Omakase Produce Project


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