【Existentialism / Foulin Fat Works】The Other World

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Title:The Other World
Maker:Existentialism / Foulin Fat Works
Release date:2017/11/22
Genre:Maniac/pervert, Humanbodymodification

I attached an English translation text:September 4, 2018.

Another story of some androids in a similar but different world.

This is a CD that I distributed at a doujin event, Nikkette 5.

-data content

-archive folder of the main story
35 pages of the main story (small-large)
Examples of different sizes
Small size 1176×832
Large size 1782 x 1260

CD jacket

-archive original picture folder
25 original papers (small – large)
Examples of different sizes
Small size 891×630
Large size 1782 x 1260

CD jacket文字無し
CD jacket原画

(The size of the main story is different from the small size because the priority was to make the text easier to read)

-Other folders
3 sample androids + 27 differences (no shadows – no clothes – no goggles, etc.)
1 circle cut
1 circle cut without text
1 circle cut illustration
1 illustration of millipede ruff

-Text confirmation – Text data for translation assistance

The smartphone version contains only the [large size].


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