【Meat Existentialism / Foulin Fat Works】Ricchan ha Futomashii desuyo

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Title:Ricchan ha Futomashii desuyo
Maker:Meat Existentialism / Foulin Fat Works
Release date:2017/11/22
Genre:Maniac/pervert, Humanbodymodification

I attached an English translation text:March 12, 2018.

Japan is a super-obese country. What is the most famous thing in this far eastern country? Sushi, Templa, Fujiyama, Geisha? All of them are right, but different. It’s the fat idols who weigh more than 300 or 400 kilograms!
This is the story of a girl and her producer who are growing fat to become the top fat idol.

It was distributed at the doujin event “Potakto!
It’s a B5 cover color book with 24 pages.
The first story is about obesity, the second story is about sexuality, and the third story is about sales.

-Data contents

-Main story folder
Front cover – Back cover length/width (small – large)
Two blank pages for printing (small-large)
20 comics/(small-large)

Small size 860 x 1214
Large size 1806×2550

-Original picture folder
タイトル無しFront cover – Back cover length/width (small – large)
Two blank pages for printing (small-large)
20 original pictures without title (small-large)

Small size 888×1243
Large size 1865×2609
(The reason why the size is different from the main story is because the image includes the part that is cut off when printed.)

-Text confirmation – Text data for translation assistance

The smartphone version contains only the [large size].


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