【Rushimaru-do】Goblin Walker

[Ranking]24 Hours:#1, 7 Days:#1, 30 Days:#6, Annual:#141
Title:Goblin Walker
Release date:2017/12/20
Genre:Aliengirl/monstergirl, fantasy, Humiliation, Forced/Forced, Rape, Heterosexualrape

2D belt scrolling action game
An action game with depth using the Z axis.
Gamepad recommended, but can be played with a keyboard.
You can switch between Japanese and English language by option from the game title or the throne room in the game.
Goblirina’s mischief can be done by grabbing her boobs and rubbing them with the [directional key].
You can also use the [directional keys] to grab the boobs and rub them.

Currently Ver1.53

The save data of the trial version can be transferred to the full version.
For more information about the update information, bug report page and save data transfer, please check here

The player becomes a goblin.
You can slash them, throw barrels and other objects at them and hit them.
If you do evil deeds such as attacking villagers and kidnapping them, your level will increase.

The great goblin king has been resurrected after the 300-year seal was broken.
But his body had decayed and he had become only a soul!

In order to get a new body, he needs to be sacrificed in a demonic ritual.
Kidnap a village girl and imprison her in the basement of your base.

The dungeon has a debug mode where you can re-rape captured village girls.
After clearing the game, the BGM debug mode will be released.

Some of the magic circles and conversation window images are available at
Free materials from pixiv are used with permission.

Production cooperation

Audio material purchased and used by us

Audio material: Tiger Lily
Voice actors: Ryoki Ryo, Ayana Maria

Voice Material:Honey Drop

About update
In case there are any updates, such as bug fixes or additional elements, please contact us.
We recommend that you register before purchasing.

Please help us by reporting problems and bugs.
Update information and bug report page

or via twitter.


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