【MooNSHINeR/ Nanana】A cousin who loves his brother more than his mother

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Title:A cousin who loves his brother more than his mother
Maker:MooNSHINeR/ Nanana
Release date:2017/12/20
Genre:lewdwords, sister, lovey-dovey/slutty, Nakadashi, Fellatio, Incest

Adult voice drama production circle MooNSHINeR’s story-oriented voice work LOVEWhisper [Imouto] version 25 is a story of intense sex life with a sister who loves you strongly and strongly.

Voice actor [Nanana] is a sister who loves you, her own brother, more than her mother.
The sister who has been taking care of you for a long time instead of your parents who are busy with their work has a stronger maternal love than your mother.
She loves you as a brother and as a son, but her love is intense and carnal, as if it were for her newlywed husband.

He already knows how to give a hand job, a boob job and a blow job.
But my brother won’t let me cross that last line.
I’ve been suppressing my sexual desire for my sister by telling myself that we’ll both be working, but once I collapse, I’ll be drowning in sex like a dam.

I’ve been doing this for about an hour and forty-four minutes with my sister, who looks so quiet but is so erotic.
I’m sure you’ll enjoy the time I spend with my sister, who treats me like a mother and a newlywed wife.

In the morning, she comes to wake you up while you are still sleeping and gives you a hand job.
She will make you ejaculate with her hand job while licking your ears and kissing you.

A brother and sister belong to the same club activity at school. But the club is full of ghost members.
You make your sister climax by finger fucking her while she kisses you even in the school.

When you get home, your sister cooks dinner for you with a naked apron.
She gives you a hand job and makes you ejaculate with her bare bottom.

At night, you go to bed with your sister, but she starts playing mommy.
She tries to calm you down by giving you a mouth-to-mouth ejaculation with a pipe blowjob, but you’re so excited.

You can’t get over your excitement and finally cross the line with your sister.
I fucked her raw in the normal position, and then I took her out raw.

The next morning, you’re asleep together.
My sister, who found herself standing up in the morning, inserted herself into you as you slept in the cowgirl position.
I’m not sure what to do. Then my parents come home from work. ……

Total time 01:44:05
Please check out the sample voice (about 10 minutes of the demo version) for the atmosphere of the work.
The product version comes in a set of two versions: one with SE (A) and one without SE (B), so you can choose the one you like best.
You can choose the one you like best.

Also included in the set is a wallpaper of a sister with strong maternal love, created by illustrator [oekakizuki]!


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