【Belzebub】HYPNOS FUCK Keizoku Append1

[Ranking]24 Hours:#1, 7 Days:#5, 30 Days:#20
Title:HYPNOS FUCK Keizoku Append1
Release date:2017/11/21
Genre:tits, lolita, Creampie, Humiliation, Hypnosis, Bigtits/bigtits

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This game has an online version authentication function. Please play in an online environment.

Outline of the game
HYPNOS FUCK is a hypnosis simulation game in which you enter the heroines’ minds, make full use of your hypnotic abilities, and take revenge in the form of humiliation.
HYPNOS FUCK Keizoku Append1] is the additional data of [HYPNOS FUCK-Hypnosfuck].
The fifth patch to add petite characters!

This is a game in which the girls are humiliated incessantly.
This is a game where girls are humiliated.

Additional elements
Additional targets are beautiful sisters!
Guide the girls’ minds and make their bodies do what you want!

Add psycho-markin reactions!
Psychomarking reaction to guide the heroine’s mind.
Also added for two additional heroines!

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  • HYPNOS FUCK ケイゾクAppend.1 [ベルゼブブ]

    -Yuiko Koreno
    CV:Ako Igashima
    The younger sister of Takano Koreno.
    A girl who is treated as the school’s mascot because of her innocent appearance and the large stuffed animal she carries.
    She has a straightforward personality, but she is as innocent as she looks.

  • HYPNOS FUCK ケイゾクAppend.1 [ベルゼブブ]

    -Takano Koreno
    CV:Megurika Kawanishi
    Older sister of Yuiko Koreno.
    Student Council SecretaryA girl with a very calm and gentle impression.
    She loves all things and treats everyone with kindness and respect.

To play this game, you need [HYPNOS FUCK (RJ164524)].


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