【Soundscape Library】Easy to use BGM material collection [Dungeon].

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Title:Easy to use BGM material collection [Dungeon].
Maker:Soundscape Library
Release date:2017/11/21

This is a collection of BGM material that can be used freely for games, videos, radio, and many other purposes.

Features of the work
-10 songs on the theme of [dungeon].
-Can be used for doujin, commercial, and adult content.
-No usage report required
-No credit needed
-Royalty free
-free to process
-Supported by RPG Tuttle loop playback (ogg/m4a)
-Unity looping support (wav)
-WOLF RPG Editor looping support (ogg)

Only one track in the trial version is the same as the full version. Please use it to check the sound quality and looping.

Recording format

2 loops or 3 loops => fade out, no loop tag

-loop_ogg (for RPG Tuttle)
-loop_m4a (for RPG 2.0)
loop tag set, supports RPG Tutool loop playback

-loop_wav(for Unity)
Preconfigured smpl chunks, supports Unity loop playback.

About m4a
Some OS and browsers may cause unexpected behavior, such as no playback or ignoring of loop tags.

Track List

  • dungeon1_The Demon’s Cave
  • dungeon2_The mysterious underground passage
  • dungeon3_The ruins of an old castle
  • dungeon4_abandoned mine
  • dungeon5_The place where the dead king sleeps
  • dungeon6_Hall of the Damned
  • dungeon7_The Ice Labyrinth
  • dungeon8_The forest of everlasting darkness
  • dungeon9_Devil’s Castle
  • dungeon10_to the decisive battle


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