【Shiroiro】I love paizuri! Diary of Aki and Haru’s Big Tits

[Ranking]24 Hours:#3, 7 Days:#14, 30 Days:#48
Title:I love paizuri! Diary of Aki and Haru’s Big Tits
Release date:2017/10/03
Genre:Noreversals, tits, lolita, Titties, Verbalabuse, Bigtits/bigtits

★ Synopsis

It’s the end of the summer vacation.

Aki and Haru had completed all their homework, but had completely forgotten to write their diaries.

[It’s okay to write randomly, but since we’re here, let’s make a diary of our favorite memories!]

What’s in the diary that they left behind for their memories?


~Scene content

-[In the fitting room, begging for a slice of pie!]
-[Interrogation paizuri at a summer festival!]
-[Business trip to the homeroom teacher for paizuri! (1)-(2)]
-[Overnight Piesuri at Haru-chan’s house! (1)~(3)]


The action in the CG is mostly “piesuri".

All of them are [no reverse].

It contains 12 basic CGs + 253 pages including dialogues and differences.
(If you include those without dialogue, the total number of sheets is 458!)

The image size is only [1600×1200].
The PDF version is not available.


Illustration-text-serifs etc.—/YAHIRO FUJIMIYA


■Twitter https://twitter.com/yahiro1966
■HP http://yhrtwnt8139.blog.fc2.com/


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