【Galaxy Galaxy】If I lose, I’ll do whatever you say.

[Ranking]24 Hours:#25
Title:If I lose, I’ll do whatever you say.
Maker:Galaxy Galaxy
Release date:2017/10/03
Genre:Lolita, Shota, romanticcomedy, Love-love/Ama-ma, Nakadashi

When Kosuke beat Runa in a test, he went berserk.
She would rape me in reverse.

Runa insisted that it wasn’t her first time.

Kosuke makes a fool of himself for coming so easily: ……

This time, they decide to compete in sex.
Will he be able to make Runa feel good?
This is an original loli doujinshi.
(8/12/2017, Comic Market 92)

Volume, etc.
-32 pages of text (including front cover, back cover, and extra pages)


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