【Cat’s eyes】LAB2-UndeR GrounD-

[Ranking]24 Hours:#1, 7 Days:#2, 30 Days:#3, Annual:#44, Total:#496
Title:LAB2-UndeR GrounD-
Maker:Cat’s eyes
Release date:2017/11/24
Genre:dot, swallowedwhole, restraint, Rape, Machinerape, Heterosexuality

A few months after the last LAB-Still Alive-incident, a new incident has occurred, this time in the underground facility of a research institute.
Misa, who went ahead to investigate, disappeared, and Sae went to investigate.
What is going on in the underground laboratory?
What is the fate that awaits Sae?

Contents of the game
-This is an exploratory side-scrolling action game.
-Use long range and short range weapons to advance.
-The dot animation, action, zoom function, and other features have been greatly enhanced since the last game.
-Some enemies have multiple restraint patterns.

There are plans for future updates, including upgraded enemies and animations, and additional maps and systems.
Please be prepared to re-download.

Gallery mode has been added (since Ver_1_05).

-Next update schedule—undecided


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