【I-Rabi】Pure Soldier – Otomaidens #6: Kirigasumi’s Visitor

[Ranking]24 Hours:#5, 7 Days:#23, 30 Days:#86
Title:Pure Soldier – Otomaidens #6: Kirigasumi’s Visitor
Release date:2017/11/24
Genre:Femaleprotagonist, TransformationHeroine, MagicalGirl, SailorSuit, ShonenComics, Fighting


This is the sixth title in the [Otomaden] series.
This is the sixth in the [Otomaiden] series, and the most all-color, 82-page book ever.
It contains §17-20.
With the addition of [Swallowtail], which appeared in the last book.
The story of the Maiden Warrior enters a new phase!

After the fierce battle with the three demon vassals, the main character Ira and his friends
After a fierce battle with the three demon ministers, the main character Ira and his friends plan a trip to the hot springs to rest their exhausted bodies.
In a hot spring resort deep in the mountains, where the forest is dense and thick.
What was waiting for me in such a hot spring resort deep in the mountains?

This film depicts a battle with an unexpected visitor encountered while drifting in hot water.
This is a [travel tale] of maiden warriors!

* Synopsis *

After a fierce battle with the three demon vassals, the leader of the group – Muma – escapes and becomes a vampire.
After a fierce battle with the three demon ministers, he lost two of the three ritual vessels.
Thanks to the desperate efforts of Ageha and other members
Ayla and her friends are able to stop the ambition of the “Demon King".

As the stronghold of the three demon vassals crumbled, the demon army attacked.

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Ira and Mikoto were talking about their trip when they came upon the

It just happens to show up.

The two of them took the opportunity to stop Ageha and
She solicits him for a trip to a hot spring. He managed to convince the reluctant Swallowtail.

You’ll be able to take a trip to the hot springs with your friends.

On the day of the trip, we went to a place that was rumored to have healing properties.
[Manto Onsen].
There is a legend that a spirit lives in the deep forest in the mountains.
It was a mysterious forest where the legend of spirits still remains.

#6 Visitors of the Misty Haze / §17-20

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Main Characters

  • ピュアソルジャー・オトメイデン #6.霧霞(きりがすみ)の来訪者 [I-Rabi]

    Aira Hino

    An ordinary girl who attends Hoshi Kuu Gakuen High School.
    She has been entrusted by her predecessor Yuri, a maiden warrior, to fight demons as a warrior.
    She is basically kind and generous to everyone.
    She has a strong sense of humor, and is always willing to help others.
    His fighting style is a physical battle of punching and kicking.

  • ピュアソルジャー・オトメイデン #6.霧霞(きりがすみ)の来訪者 [I-Rabi]

    Mikoto Mizuno

    The only daughter of a guest house, Mizunosou.
    She was discovered as a maiden warrior by Yuri, and since then has flourished through her encounters with Airai and others.
    I was not very confident in myself and had a sneaky side, but I broke out of that shell of a mind and faced the difficulties in front of me.

    He is better at auxiliary type techniques than direct attacks.


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