【Snow moon maple flower】Aisomamata Part 1

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Title:Aisomamata Part 1
Maker:Snow moon maple flower
Release date:2015/09/30
Genre:Moe, series, student, Feminization, Sexchange(TS)

One morning I wake up and I’m a girl! The main character Tsukasa Yoshina’s second high school life as a girl begins.

This is a TSF (sex change) light novel.
This is a modified version of the same title posted on the website [Shosetsuka ni Narou], with added illustrations.
It contains up to the third chapter.

File Format:PDF

Author:Sora Honchi
Illustration: Leu


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同人誌、同人ゲーム、同人ソフトのダウンロードショップ - DLsite