【Copper Mattock】Danta 3

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Title:Danta 3
Maker:Copper Mattock
Release date:2015/06/18

A roguelike dungeon RPG.
Use every means at your disposal to reach the bottom of the dungeon!
No item transfer at all, so you can play easily and quickly.
This is the third game in the series, but you do not need to have played the previous games.

There is a trial version that allows you to play through to the end on Normal difficulty.
Please try it to see how it works.

5 difficulty settings.
We have prepared 5 difficulty levels for everyone from roguelike beginners to experts to enjoy.
The easiest difficulty level is designed for complete beginners.
The highest difficulty level is quite difficult, and we expect that only about 5% of people will be able to clear it.
If you’re confident in your skills, give it a try.

Network game
Aim for the bottom of the dungeon while interfering and cooperating with each other.
When you win or lose, your rate increases or decreases and you can see your strength in numbers.

Score ranking
You can register your score and clear time to the server when you dive into dungeons.
You can compete with players from all over the country.

Replay function
You can leave your play as a replay.
Save interesting deaths as replays for others to see.


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