【Aburasoba Nichiwa】A witch with glasses gets sexually harassed in this RPG.

[Ranking]24 Hours:#4, 7 Days:#10, 30 Days:#28
Title:A witch with glasses gets sexually harassed in this RPG.
Maker:Aburasoba Nichiwa
Release date:2015/06/18
Genre:Humiliation, exposure, enema, Shame/humiliation, peepingphotos, animalears

An RPG where a witch with glasses is constantly being sexually harassed.

One day, a witch who makes her living by telling fortunes [Mavi] has an embarrassing photo taken of her by a regular customer of her store.

It’s the first time you’ve seen a game where you’re not the only one.
Mavi is forced to walk the streets in embarrassing outfits and use her body to service the sexual desires of her regular customers.

In the end, the townspeople get carried away and start to play all sorts of pranks on Mavi.

A beautiful fortune teller who used to be everyone’s idol is now exposed, laughed at, and scorned as an exposure freak.

Examples of situations:

-Mavi is threatened with a photo and her store is taken over. She is forced to wear an undersized swimsuit and go out on the streets to advertise her store.

-In order to stop Mavi from saying that she will sue the military police, her regular customers gang rape her. They threaten to film it and spread it all over the continent.

-A woman loses a lot of money at a casino. She loses a lot of money at the casino, and even after exchanging all her clothes for cash, she still doesn’t have enough to cover her losses, so she decides to pay it back by working at a strip joint.

-When Mavi is forced to walk naked through the streets, she begs her classmates to lend her some clothes. But in exchange, they want to see Mavi’s genitals from the inside out.

There are not many scenes of real sex.
Exposure – shame mainly.
Please note that there is some extreme play that tramples on the dignity of the protagonist.
Some scenes include defecation and eating feces. (Can be avoided by making choices).
There are no scenes involving ryona, pregnancy and childbirth, human modification, mental collapse, nipple piercing, boxing or petrification.

If you proceed to the normal ending
When you reach the end of the normal ending, you will be taken to the epilogue where you can see a recap of the events.
(All of them will be opened regardless of whether you have viewed them in actual play or not.)

Please note that there is no event like being defeated and raped by a monster.
There is no combat in this game.

There is no fighting in this game.
There are no items, skills, status, etc., and there are no challenging elements.
This is recommended for those who want to see the events quickly.

It’s basically a one-way scenario, but it branches out a bit depending on the main character’s actions and choices.
Good ending (virgin/non-virgin), bad ending, and normal ending (2 types).
Each of the two normal endings has its own epilogue.

14 basic CGs *3 more in ver101
307 pages including differences *16 pages added in ver103

Production: Abura-Soba Day
Original drawing by Ryo Takana

This game was created with RPG Tucool VX Ace.
To play this game, you need to install the RTP for RPG Tucool VXAce.


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