【Yamane Gentlemen’s Club/Kotone Kohzuki】Mutsukawara Animal Kingdom

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Title:Mutsukawara Animal Kingdom
Maker:Yamane Gentlemen’s Club/Kotone Kohzuki
Release date:2015/05/28
Genre:HandJob, Bukkake, groping, masturbation, MultiplePlay/Orgy

Helping you masturbate, milking you for cum, playing with you in bukkake play—.
Riku Kawahara reports on a variety of animal-like people!

Monkey (masturbation support / lewd talk / ejaculation management) 21:10
In this video, we try to communicate with a monkey-like person in a zoo-like facility!

This is a great way to get to know your fellow monkeys.
So Mr. Mutsukawara, who is always in heat, calls out to the group of males and
I decided to help them with their masturbation.
Let’s masturbate like a monkey together, viewers!

Cow (hand job/milking/extraction) 20:39
We challenge you to milk a cow-like person at a ranch-like facility!

As you might expect, the person at the facility was a male cow-like person.
But Mutsukagawara-san, who was good at squeezing chisels, was also good at squeezing cocks.

You’ll be able to get fresh penis milk while you’re naked and on all fours!

Onechan (hand job/face shot/paizuri/group bukkake) 24:44
We’re going to have a lot of fun with doggy-like people in a facility like a doggy park.

This is the first time I’ve ever been to a doggy park.
So, with a lady who looks like a dog trainer, I try to discipline my rutting dick.

And don’t forget to reward them after discipline.

Mutsukawara-san gathered everyone together and played with them until they were covered in cum all over!

Running time: approx. 1 hour and 6 minutes + version without sound effects included

CV: Kotone Kohzuki

Illustration: Moscow

Sound effects: Miniko materials

Sound effects: Clown possessed by the moon

Production: Yamane Gentlemen’s Club


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