【D-lis】Bullet requiem -Bullet Requiem

[Ranking]24 Hours:#1, 7 Days:#1, 30 Days:#1, Annual:#6, Total:#44
Title:Bullet requiem -Bullet Requiem
Release date:2015/05/29
Genre:Fantasy, humiliation, rape, gangrape, heterosexualrape, Bigtits/bigtits

Stage added, Gallery – Anime added

Fixed bugs – added status screen switching – added some explanations on stage
Bug fix
ステージ・エロシチュ追加・Bug fix
Bug fix・一時停止ボタン追加・ツタやロープなどの操作方法改善など
Bug fix・ギャラリーズーム機能・イージーモード追加
Bug fix・NPC・トラップ系ギャラリー追加
Bug fix
体験版Bug fix
体験版Bug fix

Schoenheit, the protagonist of The Defiler – a demon countermeasure agency – cult, receives a request from a count in a remote region to defeat a bandit gang.
A town is attacked, people are killed, women are humiliated, and the secrets of “humanity" are revealed.
The “Heavenly Tribe" and the “Demon Tribe" that remain in folklore are involved.

A stylish gun action game with a humiliating twist!
Rescue the women trapped in each stage and stop the enemy’s ambitions!

-The game is full of exhilarating attacks and controls!
Learn skills and power-ups to defeat your enemies in style!
-When you are hit by an enemy’s down attack, you will go down on the spot and the enemy will approach you! If you come in contact with them, you will be humiliated by the erotic animation of each monster. (Normally, there is no damage from contact with enemies)
-When the game is over, the humiliation animation will fill the screen.
-Various stages including towns, forests, and caves! There are 6 stages in total, but more will be added with updates.
-Each stage also features an animated humiliation scene of the captive women.
-The game is equipped with a gallery, so you can watch erotic scenes at any time.
-Various key settings, effect settings, and window size changes are available, which are essential for ACT.
Gamepad is recommended. You can use the game pad to play the game.

Most of the enemies have erotic ryona animations.
More than 20 types of monsters with erotic animations and ryona traps in total!
A variety of animations for a single monster, such as during, ejaculation, and after ejaculation!

Main erotic situations
Gang rape
This is the first time I’ve seen this site.

We are also planning to add more stages, enemies and animations after the release.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
We strongly recommend that you purchase the game as a Dlsite member!

CV:Ryoki Ryo/Brackwurst Sound Material Collection
The sites that provide the various materials are listed in the readme attached.


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