【tengsten】making a living as a sister

[Ranking]24 Hours:#5, 7 Days:#19, 30 Days:#61
Title:making a living as a sister
Release date:2015/04/29
Genre:femaleperspective, realsister, fantasy, Shame/embarrassment, Incest

A bar management simulation game.
Purchase and sell alcohol and food to manage your tavern.
You can use the money you earn to renovate the bar, collect costumes, and go out shopping.
The story progresses based on the number of customers and total sales, and sexually explicit events can occur.

Frida and Carl, a sister and brother, travel to the mining city of Eisen in search of a home and a job.
They are hired to work as live-in employees at a newly-opened tavern.
The story is about a young girl and her brother who are on a journey to find happiness.

Various volumes
About 30 pieces of event CG (not including differential).
Main heroine standing picture costume multiple, 5 poses (used for normal conversation, [touch] during business, etc.)

Other functions.
Message skipping, backlog, event reminiscing, and other functions.

This work is produced by using [WolfRPGEditor version 200].
No need to install any runtime or other software, but please check the operation with the trial version before purchasing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
If you have the previous version, please re-download it.

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