【[Dream Magic Space]】Brown Succubus Press Etch ~ Pressure Suffocation

[Ranking]24 Hours:#10
Title:Brown Succubus Press Etch ~ Pressure Suffocation
Maker:[Dream Magic Space]
Release date:2015/04/29
Genre:Sister, angel/demon, Creampie, Titties, ReverseRape, Browning/tanning

[Fourth in the Color Succubus series].
The theme of this work is [brown x pressure x suffocation].
This is the first time I’ve been able to do this.
The theme of this work is [brown x pressure x suffocation].

1 face buried in brown tits – [suffocation by tits].
2Holding her body so tightly that she can’t breathe – [hug suffocation].
3They kiss you while blocking your nose. ー[Nose pinching suffocation kisses].
4His face is squeezed between his legs – [suffocating with thighs].
5His face is pressed against the secret area.
6His throat is grabbed with both hands and tightened. – [Choking by choke].
7His face is pressed against your sweaty armpit – [choked by armpit].

An intense pressure and suffocation play with an erotic brown succubus!

You can enjoy different [pressure suffocation levels] and various [situations] for each bad end!

[Scenario Introduction] Brown Dreamer Shesta – 5 minutes
A group of hunters are sent to defeat a group of dreamers, but they are all defeated by the dreamers.
This is the first time I’ve ever seen a movie where the characters are so different from each other.
The room is sealed with space magic and you can’t get out until you neutralize her.
In order to avenge his friends, he challenges the brown dreamer Shesta to a sex battle…

[Bad End A] Dreamer Press Sex – 40 minutes
■Pressure suffocation level – ★★☆☆
Shesta invites me to kiss her, but her lips are coated with a paralyzing potion that only works on humans.
The suffocating pressure play that assaults him as his body becomes immobilized by the kiss… by the tits… by the hug… by the kiss…

He continues to be made to breathe in the scent of the erotic dreamer… and finally succumbs to her whispers of depravity.

The last thing he wants is to be smothered by her brown tits while his life is repeatedly squirted into her flesh.
[Attributes – choking on tits, nose-pinching, choking, kissing, face-to-face sitting, pressure hugging, continuous climaxing]

[Bad End B] Sex battle in 69 – 25 minutes
Pressure choking level – ★☆☆☆
Hunter challenges Shesta to a sex battle in 69 because he is confident in his cunnilingus.
But as he licks Shesta’s nectar over and over, he becomes euphoric and paralyzed by the aphrodisiac effect.
I tried to get out of the way, but she wouldn’t let me go…

It’s a great way to get a good night’s sleep.
[Attribute – 69 Thigh pressing, petal choking, cunnilingus, fellatio, paizuri, cowgirl]

[Bad End C] Shesta’s Choking Reverse Rape – 29min
Pressure Choking Level – ★★★★
Hunter, who just couldn’t forgive the way his friends were beaten, puts his hands around Shesta’s neck.
But he could not win her over by force…and so begins Shesta’s intense, suffocating reverse rape…

Ejaculation while my neck is clamped down… Ejaculation while my face is pressed against my sweaty armpit….

With her brown body, she mercilessly squeezes out the hunter’s semen and life…

[Attributes – Reverse Normal Position Smata Normal Position Choking in the Armpits Pressure Embrace Forced Piston]

All 7 mp3 audio files [99 minutes total scenario].
Total 14 ejaculation scenes

01[Introduction of the scenario]~5min *There is no sound effect scene in the introduction.
[With sound effects]
02[Bad End A]~40min.
03[Bad End B]~25min.
04[Bad End C]~29min.
[no sound effects]
05[Bad End A]~40min.
06[Bad End B]~25min.
07[Bad End C]~29min.

Two package illustrations – one with logo and one without logo
Two scripts – one with a table of contents divided by scene, and the other with a table of contents divided by scene.
The start time is indicated.
The word scripts have a [Word heading setting] for each table of contents.
You can jump to each table of contents by using the [Heading Map] display function!

CV Moe Ito
Illustration When


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