【Chyna】How to Live with a Noraneko Girl – Episode 14

[Ranking]7 Days:#8, 30 Days:#21
Title:How to Live with a Noraneko Girl – Episode 14
Release date:2017/12/02
Genre:LoveLoveLove/Amaaama, livingtogether, Nakadashi, Adultery, Poortits/lowtits, nipple/areola

Isana and Mizuru protect a kitten that was abandoned near Isana’s school.
Although Atsutaka’s room does not allow pets, he feels compassion for Mizuru because she is in the same situation as him.
This is the first time I’ve ever seen such a thing.
[You should touch it gently as you would a woman], advised Mizuru.
Calling it a practice to handle the kitten gently, Atsutaka touches her body.
His touch was different and gentle…

[Ananga-Ranga Vol30 [Full Edition] (BJ132955)].


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