【MadoSofuto】Wagahay + OC Set

[Ranking]7 Days:#6, 30 Days:#7, Annual:#13, Total:#63
Title:Wagahay + OC Set
Release date:2017/12/22
Genre:Sister, senior/junior, uniform, Cosplay, School/Academy, Lovey-dovey, comedy, Purelove, Tsundere, Paizuri, Bigtits/bigtits, virgin

This work is
[Wagamama High Spec](VJ010018)
[Wagamama High Spec OC](VJ011306)
This is a pack product that simultaneously contains

After completing the payment, you can download each work individually.

[Wagamama High Spec] and [Wagamama High Spec OC], which includes the after story and the route story with the subheroines, are now available as a set!

It’s a school love-comedy with talented and unique heroines from the student council!

-The perfect student council president, but behind the scenes she’s an illustrator and manga artist with a reputation for eroticism.
-A genius programmer and lazy younger sister [Usagi] who is holed up in her house with the goal of earning money while having fun.
-A pianist who has won competitions and is now working hard to become a composer [Arche], the vice president of the common people.
-The devilish junior who has an outstanding talent for cooking [Mihiro].

We will incorporate the thoughts and dreams of our unique heroines into the story.
There are some heroines who are selfish to the hero from the beginning, but it’s only after they get individualized.
The heroine’s desire to monopolize the hero and the development of the heroine’s dependence on her because she likes him too much.
We’ve got a lot of stuff for each heroine.


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