【Sumire】The clumsy Akuma who falls in love with me. It’s so hot! Android version

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Title:The clumsy Akuma who falls in love with me. It’s so hot! Android version
Release date:2017/12/22
Genre:lewdwords, alotofjuice/liquid, continuousclimax, Crosssection, Angel/Devil, Wizard/Witch, Alien/monstergirl, Loveable/Amaaama, comedy, Lovers, Cohabitation, Harem

This is the first time I’ve been able to do this. This is a post-episode with a mega amount of sex in it!

The original drawings by Sayori have been supervised, and the sex scenes are even sweeter and weirder than before, with additional H-animation and SD pictures for the subheroines, and the long-awaited harem sex scenario!

Characters ■□■Characters
[nenne-chan na succubus]
Rirai Kiriya (CV: Yui Ogura)
A puppyish, harmonious childhood friend with a loose air about her.
She’s not good at thinking about difficult things and smiles without worrying about most things.
I’ve known Ren since my parents’ generation, and we’ve been childhood friends since before I can remember.
Even though I’m a succubus, I’ve always had a problem with being an extreme neophyte, but now I’m getting used to it after dating and poking around with Ren.

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These days, the viscosity of my saliva is Pepe grade.

I’m going to eat more!

I’m going to eat more. Do you want a bath? Or me? It’s me, right? Right? Right?] [

[sister-in-law’s braconic bad angel]
Sakari Fujima (CV: Mao Tachibana)
This is the sister-in-law of Ren, and she’s a badass angel with a big brother attitude.
She has a refreshing personality and can joke with Ren like a male friend.
But I don’t forget my sister’s privilege of being goofy and sweet.

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As a lover and a sister, she transcends her position as a sister and leads a sexual life that is tainted by love and other things.

If you’re looking for the best way to get the most out of your wedding, then you’ve come to the right place.

Do you want to have sex with your cheerleader sister? Do you want to fuck your archangel sister dollar?

[A snow woman who is super cold and misses human skin].
Yu Ayasaki (CV: Ayusara)
A snow woman with extreme sensitivity to cold.
She doesn’t have a lot of words, but she likes to talk.
Not very expressive, but very emotional.
The female mind is difficult.
My lover’s warmth seems to have slightly improved my coldness, or not.

He is still striving for the same delirious pace.

I try to be a good wife, but that’s my own pace.

Her hassle-free personal life, her dry cooking menu, her lovey-dovey lover’s life, her sex time, her sex frequency, her sex situations, and her sex intensity are all at her own pace in a half-hearted way.

I’m having trouble with my girlfriend, who no longer thinks sex is a chore and shows no signs of becoming sane.

[Cleaning? I’m doing it right. cleaning lotus’s penis] [

[mummy girl who doesn’t like to be constricted] [
Aruru Arisegawa (CV: Akane Ueda)
Thank you. A polite, serious, meticulous, and sensible mummy girl.
She just doesn’t like anything that constricts her body and can’t wear clothes.
I’m embarrassed, but it’s physiologically hard for me to gag when I’m out.
Thanks to the touchy-feely training (sexually) with Ren, I’ve become somewhat more tolerant, but fundamentally I’m still as open-minded as ever.

It’s an ability that he was born with, so he’s rather open-minded about it.

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“Even the strength of your penis is necessary for the pharaoh as procreation, you know? Hmmm ……♪

[Silly witch who is an energizer researcher].
Masayoshi Aoi (CV: Ryoko Tezuka)
An older sister witch who is trying to become a pharmacist for the family business.
She is an athletic and intuitive person who doesn’t care about details.
She is the type of person who will do her best to hit the ground running if she has to think about something difficult.
He is good at sports and is asked to help out in the sports club.
If you’re looking for the best way to get the most out of your life, you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of it.
She is a talented M who, despite her appearance and personality, is an unbelievable M who accepts even the hardest love with pleasure.
I can’t stand to think about how my boyfriend is going to tease me today.
A sissy who is happy when her boyfriend tells her that Meltina’s [M] is a masochistic [M].

[You know what? I can’t seem to get my body to release the poochy pills.]

[A tiger girl who can only transform her ears and tail].
Rin Shibasaki (CV: Usa Fujisaki)
A serious, honest, and healthy junior member of the tiger tribe.
A gymnast who always works hard and has a super positive attitude.
The level of detail you should look behind you sometimes.
Basically stupid, but still lovable and silly.
I’m over the heat of the moment, and in many ways, I’m a step away from adulthood.

He says that he has become a respectable tiger boy thanks to his girlfriend, but of course, nothing has changed, except for the fact that the arrector has passed away.

I’m a tiger girl, so my place is in the master’s territory! She is currently living with her husband in his room in the crumbling dormitory, and is impressed by his loving cooking without chemical additives, which is different from the discarded lunches from convenience stores.

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“Senpai, do you think you might have had a …… baby? Heh heh ……♪

[No good legal Lolita Chinese girl teacher]

Aika Ryusenji (CV: Aoi Shirayuki)
A school teacher who looks like a child, but is even younger than that inside her head.
She was born with good looks and a pretty face, but her insides are made up of sneers and complexes, and she’s extremely sensitive to being made fun of and has a very low boiling point.
However, he is a somewhat lovable jerk, so he is rather loved by everyone.

He is the head of the Akuma rehabilitation dormitory, which has become a skeleton, and is enjoying life with his girlfriend while making up random reports.
He claims that his breasts have gotten bigger, but it seems that it’s just a matter of millimeters, and they’ll probably stay this size for the rest of his life.
It’s hard to get all kinds of holes loose when you’re having sex, so there are sheets and bedding drying out on the balcony today.

[ugh! This doesn’t matter how many futons you have for your newlywed life!!!]

[ripe succubus maman school principal]
Reika Kiriya (CV: Marino Kawashima)
Rika is Riria’s maman, and is like the parent who raised Ren.
She is the headmistress of the school that Ren and Rirai attend, but also takes care of the exchange students from this world and the other world, and acts as a bridge between the two worlds.
His attitude and words are clear and harsh, but he is not unreasonable and is loved by the students.

He and Ren have been having a series of two-dimensional mysterious encounters, which he calls “midnight games," but as usual, he is treated with aloofness and maturity.

Even if you agonize over an ambiguous relationship and cram it down your throat, you’ll be squeezed clean out and back to square one.

I’ve been getting used to the idea that it’s okay for Ren to have such an adult relationship. I’ve been getting used to it lately.

“Don’t be squeamish about something you did in a dream. You were dripping semen like you were peeing.

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You will need about 19GB of free space to download the data when you start the game for the first time.


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