【AH-Software】VOICEROID2 Akari Tohru

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Title:VOICEROID2 Akari Tohru
Release date:2017/12/22

[VOICEROID2 Akari Akari] is a bright girl in a cute
It’s a text-to-speech software based on a voice full of kindness.
You can easily have it read out loud by simply entering your favorite sentences and words in text.
VOICEROID2 adopts a new editor method.
You can now operate multiple voice databases on one program.
You can also edit like a dialogue by assigning a separate voice to each sentence.

Contains AH-Soft software that can be used together!
Easy music creation software [Music Maker Silver].
Music video creation software [Kyaramin Studio 90 days product version],
Easy video editing software [Video Easy SE].
You can use them together for even more fun!

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