【Japanese violet (Viola mandshurica) 】Lovestressive [for Android

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Title:Lovestressive [for Android

Maker:Japanese violet (Viola mandshurica)

Release date:2017/03/03
Genre:childhoodfriend\r\n, Senior/Senior\r\n, “(termofrespectfor)anothersdaughter\r\n", uniform\r\n, School/Academy\r\n, romanticcomedy\r\n, Love/Love/Amaa\r\n, boxgirl\r\n, blondhair\r\n, Bigtits/bigtits\r\n

“I’m being pursued by a girl who’s aggressively courting me.

The cute girls are single-minded and aggressive in their approach to you!

Don’t you think it’s cute how they desperately try to tell you how much they like you, sometimes holding back their embarrassment, and sometimes desperately trying with everything they have!

The theme of this game is 'enjoying romance with aggressive girls’, so there’s nothing in it that would interfere with that!

Of course, turning down the heroine’s approach won’t make her angry or sad, or even cause them to fall out!

There are no superfluous elements that would interfere with the romance with the cute heroines, so you can enjoy the romance with them and the lover’s life afterwards without worry until the end!


With cute, carnivorous maidens pestering you with all kinds of tricks, who will you choose?

From the time she was born, Yugetsu Kotora has been the darling of her neighbor’s free-spirited family.

The blond-haired, blue-eyed transfer student from a conglomerate, Reo Otonashi, is an honest and selfish person.

Ryo Takahane is a younger, dumber, genius kirinji who seeks out moe culture.

Takechi Mashiro is a small, older, harmonious, caring older sister.

Feb. 14.

Kaname Ookami, the main character, goes to Kazanowa Academy, where four popular girls confess their love for him at the same time.

And they all said the same thing.

I’ll make you fall in love with me by White Day.

Without reflecting the opinions and counter-opinions, the battle between the carnivorous maidens was about to begin.

Characters■■■■■ Characters

Yugatsuki Kotora (CV: Yukina Fujimori)

He is aloof, moody, and just free-spirited.

Be honest with yourself without overdoing it.

His cat-like free spirit knows no bounds.

The way he talks and behaves is really free-form.

Kaname, Hyogo, and the tiger cub have been friends since childhood, and although they can’t read the air, they are honest and hard to hate.

Oh, no. I forgot something in Kana’s pajamas. I forgot about it until just now. Let’s see.

Otonashi = Ophilia = Reio (CV: Yui Ogura)

She is a bright and cheerful girl who expresses her emotions and her facial expressions change frequently.

Although she comes from a family of super-ladies, she is not pretentious, and her half-breed looks make her popular at school.

She longs to be a girly girl, but for all intents and purposes, she is a pretty girl.

I remember it very well. “I remember it very well, but for Kaname, it’s just a normal thing, so he probably doesn’t remember it, right? Hahaha.

Ryo Takaha (CV: Aoi Shirayuki)

He is one year younger than Kirinji, a cool and cool-eyed boy with a good head on his shoulders and a good appearance.

A disappointing genius girl in the midst of taking a wrong turn, unable to understand moe culture but intrigued by it.

The love affair is a serious one that only a smart person can understand.

“No, it’s okay ……! If you do that to me, …… I’ll be dead before I get home. ……! Hey, hey, hey, Takushi!

Takechi Masakura (CV: Akane Ueda)

She is a senior who is always smiling and relaxed.

She is a meddlesome older sister who wants to take care of her and act like a big sister even though she is not.

His cooking skills are as good as the chef of the Takesumi family, and he always has sweets hidden in his pockets, such as candy that has half melted due to warmth (no offense).

“You’re wrinkling up between your eyebrows, Kaname. Here, smile, smile, smile. Smile, smile, smile.

You will need to enter your DLsite login ID and password when you start the game.

The first time you start the program, data will be downloaded. 1.52GB of free space is required.


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