【Wani Magazine Co. 】sexual activity with a minor under the age of consent

[Ranking]7 Days:#6, 30 Days:#12
Title:sexual activity with a minor under the age of consent

Maker:Wani Magazine Co.

Release date:2020/12/12
Genre:childhoodfriend\r\n, Student\r\n, gal\r\n, bitch\r\n, uniform\r\n, affair\r\n, hot-coldpersonalitytype\r\n, handjob\r\n, intravaginal(anal, etc.)ejaculation\r\n, onanism\r\n, blowjob\r\n, Bigtits/bigtits\r\n, virginity(esp.ofaman)\r\n

There’s “wacky," there’s “naughty," and there’s “platonic." ……

The latest book from COMIC Kairakuten author Yuzuha is finally available!

In this work, there are a lot of sexual situations that are not necessarily sexual, so the focus is on nudity.

The heroines come in all sorts of types, from chaste girls to pure-hearted yankee girls, sexy seniors, and quiet book club members.

These women have flirtatious sex, lovey-dovey sex, and even intense silent sex where they stifle their voices.

It will fascinate you with a wide variety of ecchi!

The story is filled with a lot of sweet and mild descriptions.

This is a book that will satisfy not only Yuzuha fans but also newcomers!

<Included works


It’s better than my boyfriend’s." A carnivorous girl invites me to have an affair on the night of our BBQ date. ……


A virgin teacher and an erotic JK who loves to spend money, must see the aggressive zebra print pants!

I’m not sure if the girl I encoded is my student or not! In the restroom, in the instruction room, …… I’m at the mercy of an erotic JK!


A JK waiting for support is right in front of you! Under the same roof with Tsuki-chan, who is as carefree and defenseless as a cat!

Hinata, I’m going to study from today.

Hinata is a childhood friend who is innocent and young in mind and body. She’s supposed to be studying, but she has a boyfriend…and before she knows it, she’s having sex inside.

I’m back.

Yankee girl is family-oriented and compassionate! She’s usually picky, but when she has lovey-dovey sex, she’ll shed tears and feel it. ……

taking home a woman from a bar, club, etc.

After a night of drinking, we all stay in. I was suddenly embraced by my longing Shinonome senior who was sleeping beside me. ……

I was soaked in sex with a quiet book club member.

A collection of popular works by Circle Yuzuya.

I realized that the quiet and unassuming Akemi …… is actually a girl who thinks about erotic things all the time. ……!


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