【Megrim】Love Love Love! My Baday

[Ranking]24 Hours:#2, 7 Days:#9, 30 Days:#32
Title:Love Love Love! My Baday
Release date:2015/10/02
Genre:MaleProtagonist, Maturewoman, lovey-dovey/slutty, Fantasy, Muscle, Bigtits/bigtits

This is a big update version of this work [Love Love Love! My Badii: Cross (RJ269568)] has been released.
Please note that the above work contains all of the contents of this work!


The definitive version of the erotic RPG with a male protagonist who adventures in a full-fledged fantasy world and simulates life in a game!

It’s a silent male protagonist type with a default name (name can be changed).
You can create your own personality through choices and actions.
It’s easy to get emotionally involved in the game because the erotic events are more from the subjective point of view!

It’s up to the player to decide how they want to live!
An original open world filled with various elements!

-Free to explore! Encounter formidable enemies! Discover treasures!
-Buy a home! Customize your home with furniture!
-A night with a prostitute in a new city!
-Make friends with [Badei], who has a unique story!
-Several erotic events scattered throughout various locations!

You can enjoy a wide variety of contents such as
This is a multi-ending erotic RPG where you can finally choose one of 11 candidates to marry!

Erotic events

The number of pages of reminiscences has reached 26 pages, over 200 after repeated version ups!
9 events per page.
The number of events includes equipment differences.

A complete set of lovey-dovey erotic events in a variety of positions and situations.

And more…

We’ve also got cut-ins that will make you horny during battle!
-Appreciation of the dancer in the bar!
-Witnessing a woman being attacked by monsters and thugs!
-While resting at an inn, a companion is humiliated by a pornographic father! From version 103
-Defeat demons and become their servant! From version 105
-Humiliate the cheeky girls! From version 105
-A special bar where you can enjoy the Ryona element! From version 106
-Encounter erotic events with various women in mixed baths! From version 106
-A slutty old lady crawls on me at night! From version 107
-Marry your mother! From version 1085
-Interacting with a slutty mature woman! From version 109

And so much more!

Some of the events include erotic events between female characters and male characters other than the main character.
There are some events that include Ryona elements (no bleeding or cutting).
Please do not download if you cannot tolerate the above content.


It has specifications for a comfortable playing experience!

Reminiscence – Shortened scenes – Temporary message hiding – Message skip display – Basic movement speed
Cut-in/no cut-in – Item storage box – Change screen size – Show equipment skill details – Speed up combat
Check flag values – Volume control – Fast travel

Update Status

2015 929 Trial version [version 100] update.
2015 930 [Version 100] Application.
2016 619 [Version 107] Application. Various new elements have been added! Available at:
20161220 [Version 1081] Application.
2017 313 Started bundling a modified version to avoid errors. Available at:
2018 620[Version 109] Application.
2018 718 [version 1091d] application.


This work is an RPG for adults created with [RPG Tucool VX Ace].
To use this game, you will need to download [RPG Tucool VX Ace RTP] separately.
If you have never played a game made with [RPG Tucool VX Ace], be sure to try the trial version to see how it works.

If you have never played a game made with [RPG Tutool VX Ace], please make sure to play the demo version.
There are some differences in the event content, map, graphics, system, etc.
Please note that unexpected problems may occur during play.
Please use this site at your own risk.

It is possible to transfer save data from the demo version to the final version, but please do so at your own risk.

You can transfer your save data from the trial version to the finished version, but you do so at your own risk.
Please use the game at your own risk, as it may cause problems.

Please use an account that can be re-downloaded.


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