【dieselmine-Int’l-】Domestic Dog Brave and Magic City [Chinese Version]

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Title:Domestic Dog Brave and Magic City [Chinese Version]
Release date:2021/06/11
Genre:ojiri/ヒップ, おっぱい, deliskl, ManwaiNyang/モンスターNyang, サキュバス/淫魔, 退廃/背徳/インモラル, ReverseRepo, Malesubject

◇Outline of the tour

This is the story of a brave man who was caught by a chimera before embarking on his journey,
The story of the brave men who were imprisoned in the Demon King City and suffered from various demons.

In order to prevent Guts from escaping without fail, not only the spell was imposed on him,
In the city of the Demon King, he was carried by a chimera.

The city of the Demon King is also home to the demon,
The brave man will be cummed in various ways.

H-views are not large or small, but all pixel drawings,
The number of characters is 30 or more.


The brave man is charmed to accept the demon essence in the city of the demon king with the available.
Moreover, there are many scenes that are charmed by many demons.
Since the brave is smaller than basically all the demons, most of the brave is buried in the son or ass.

The game may not work properly depending on the configuration. The recommended configuration of the line.

Mouri Aoi
Shinjo Misato
Violet Yakumo
Koguma Juyin
Haruken Rene
Yoshino Sakura


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