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Release date:2021/04/29

That was a while ago.

A solo adventurer named Misery, who graduated at the top of her class at magic school and is known as a genius.
She is approached by a party of nosy adventurers who want to do something about it.

It’s a great way to get to know the people in your life.

One day, they get word that some of the montine fallen parties have not returned from the dungeon.
To be honest, it’s not uncommon for a montine fallen to lose track of time, fuck around, and not return for a while.

No one was taking the situation too deeply.

Claudia, a young lady adventurer, is famous for her ability and perversion.

A huge female-shaped, half-human, half-snake monster was about to approach the Monchin Fallen party that she was leading.


同人誌、同人ゲーム、同人ソフトのダウンロードショップ - DLsite
同人誌、同人ゲーム、同人ソフトのダウンロードショップ - DLsite