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Maker:Mahou Workshop
Release date:2021/04/24

-Prayer sound source – sound source of Yuragi, Yukari, and Komachi praying for you.

In this work, the heroines of Mahou Kobo will pray for you a lot!
In this work, the heroines of the Kokoro Master series and the Curse Shop Komachi series, Yuragi Amanogawa, Lady Yukari Hojo, and Komachi-chan, will pray for you in various ways.

This is a must-have for anyone who wants to have the heroines of Mahou Kobo pray for their happiness.
Let the three wonderful heroines bless you as well.

An example of a prayer text:
[May this day be a wonderful day for you.
May your heart be at peace.
May the blessings of fluctuation bring joy and color to your life.
May your day be a good one]

[May my prayers bring you peace of mind
May my prayers bring you a more fulfilling life.
May my prayers make your heart and soul beautiful, refined, and radiant!
May my prayers make your way of being more wonderful and lovely.
May my prayers make your life warm, rich, and satisfying]. [

A part of the prayer is also recorded in high quality WAV version in this work.

The concept of the sound source of the prayer
The act of someone praying for someone else is a very noble, beautiful, and compassionate act.

In this work, the heroine of Maho Kobo prays directly for you, giving you a rare and powerful experience that you can rarely experience in your daily life [having others pray for your happiness].

Prayer Knowledge
In the explanation part and the accompanying PDF, I will lecture on [tips on how to pray], which is rarely discussed on this planet.

There are no prerequisites for this work. You can listen to this volume by itself.
There are no prerequisites for this book.

Main Menu Flow

-Prayer Book (Prayer for You, Prayer for the Day, Prayer for Passion, Courage and Integrity, Prayer for Life, Prayer for Encounter, Prayer for Abundance, Prayer for the Soul, etc.)

Prayers for each of us.
[Yuragi-chan ver].
[Yukari-o-sama ver].
[Komachi-chan ver] is included for 3 people!

-Yuragi-chan’s prayer sound source individual folder
-Yukari’s prayer sound source individual folder
-Komachi-chan’s prayer sound source individual folder
(For ease of use, this folder contains audio files that subdivide the prayer sound source part of the main story)

-Extra WAV versions (Some prayers are included as high quality WAV versions)

-Appendix PDF
-Tips on how to pray
-Prayer source text (this will be the text of the main book)

Contents (Total recording time 40:09) Total file size: 813MB
-01 Description(6:41)
-02 Yuragi-chan’s prayer(7:59)
-03 Yukari’s Prayer(7:44)
-04 Komachi-chan’s prayer (7:21)
-05 Yuragi-chan’s prayer for the day (0:59)
-06 Yukari’s Prayer for the Day (1:21)
-07 Komachi-chan’s prayer for the day (1:11)
-08 Yuragi’s prayer for you(1:50)
-09 Yukari’s Prayer for You(1:48)
-10 Komachi’s Prayer for You(2:01)
-11 Three short versions(1:11) *for loop playback

-Yuragi-chan’s prayer sound source individual folder
-Yukari’s prayer sound source individual folder
-Komachi-chan’s prayer sound source individual folder

Extra WAV version
-Some prayers are included as high quality WAV version

Appendix PDF
-Tips on how to pray
-Prayer source text

There is also a trial version, if you want to listen to it.
I’ve divided my work into tracks, so it’s easy to use and repeat only the practice parts.
This work is part of the Introduction to Wizardry series.
The story unfolds from the same worldview as the

Series related to the heroine who appears in this work
-Mental training to regain self-esteem and improve self-image
Kokoro Master Side S [Self-Image Training by Yuragi Amanogawa] Volume 1 – 3 Set

-Mental training to create a richer mind
Kokoro Master Side M [Millionaire Mind Training by Yukari Hojo].

-Noroiya Komachi

Trial version contents
-The trial version allows you to listen to a part of the full version.

Contents of the full version
-The commercial version is recorded in MP3 at the highest quality of 320kbps.

How to listen
-It is recommended to listen in a quiet and calm place.
-Please listen to the sound source in your most relaxing and free style, such as headphones, earphones, or speakers.

This work is not a hypnosis sound source.
This work is not a hypnotic sound source. *Please do not listen to this work in situations that could lead to accidents, such as when driving or operating machinery.
This is not a hypnosis sound source.

Production credits (honorifics omitted)
-Yukari Hojo
-Yuragi Amanogawa
-Komagasaki Chiyo
3 roles CV:Nago Akane


Fantia Legendary Thanks:

Fantia Special Thanks:
unnamed shinbunshi
Jiro Kaja
Night thoughts
Kitten Parade
Light in the Darkness

Idea Thanks:Maho

Script – Sound Editing – Sound Effects: Windress

Production: Maho Kobo


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