【Mistless Piece】Nosferatu’s “sucking” blowjob – Fiona, the innkeeper

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Title:Nosferatu’s “sucking" blowjob – Fiona, the innkeeper
Maker:Mistless Piece
Release date:2021/04/24
Genre:Noreversals, Binaural/Damihe, Decadence/immorality/immorality, Fantasy, Magic, Fellatio, Gokkun/Eating, whipping


The main character (you) is a traveler who stays at an inn deep in the forest, but
Fiona of Nosferatu, an impostor who pretends to be the innkeeper
The semen is vulgarly sucked out of you.

Also, the main play in this movie consists only of blowjobs.

ノスフェラトゥの"吸精"フェラチオ ~宿屋の女主人 Fiona~ [Mistless Piece]

[What is Nosferatu].
An entity that exploits human semen through fellatio and feeds on it.
He finds pleasure in making people produce semen through fellatio.
They have a magical power that is superior to that of humans, and that alone is enough for ordinary travelers to be unable to compete with them.

There are those who impersonate humans and lure them into their own realm, like Fiona.
There are a lot of people who have castles and attack people who show up to defeat them.
The means by which they exploit semen and the values they place on humans vary from individual to individual.

The word “vampire" has a different interpretation from the original Romanian word meaning “vampire".


A traveler (you) finds an inn in a forest inhabited by demons.
Tired from the long journey and the battle with the demons, he
He feels a slight sense of discomfort, but decides to stop by.

He was greeted by Fiona, the mistress of the house.
Her elegant and soft-spoken demeanor.

The main character, whose previous tensions had loosened up and his exhaustion had come out in full force, was
The main character, who had been relaxed and tired, decided to take a rest in his room as Fiona urged him.

It’s a sweet trap, but you don’t know that it’s a trap set by Nosferatu.


ノスフェラトゥの"吸精"フェラチオ ~宿屋の女主人 Fiona~ [Mistless Piece]


The landlady who works at an inn in the forest.
Fiona is the owner of the inn in the forest, and acts in a dignified and elegant manner towards the hero when he visits her.
She is a Nosferatu who milks the semen of travelers who stay at the inn.
I’m sure you’ll be able to understand what I mean.

He believes that semen is best drunk directly from the crotch, and never drinks semen other than from oral ejaculation.
If it’s semen you’re holding back, wait for it to drip onto your tongue.
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Track 1: Traps in the Forest (2:16)
[An inn in such a place is a bit unexpected, isn’t it?]
[The demons of the forest won’t come near here, so you’re safe now.]
(No ejaculation scene)

Track 2: Nosferatu’s Sperm (16:21)
When he woke up, it was after he was bound and unable to move due to his magical powers.
She describes herself as a Nosferatu, and …… is helplessly whored out by her.

[ugh, I guess she just realized this isn’t a normal inn].
[I’ll give you a taste of Nosferatu’s blowjob, a condensed version of the pleasures of this world]. [
(blowjob with vibrating sound of air leaking)

Track 3: Nosferatu’s ball torture (16:23)
The main character falls asleep.
She performs relentless ball licking as she enjoys the hero’s every move. ……

“Mmmm, your balls are hanging below this cock. I’m going to take this one in my mouth…

[Aaaaah, I’m going to stop your manchild from leaning back and opening your hips.]
(licking balls, sucking, and tasting the dripping juices)

Track 4: Nosferatu’s Serious Blowjob (20:15)
The protagonist continues to be exploited with just his mouth.
The body and mind can no longer escape the pleasures of …….

You can just stand there… it’ll feel different than when you’re lying down. ……

I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out what’s going on here. …… chubby …… chubby ……, chubby…

I’m not sure what to do, but I’m going to do it. …squirt…squirt…squirt…squirt…squirt………! …mmmm…mmmm………! Jubuubuubuubuubuubu……!

(tongue licking the entire crotch, intense vacuum sucking, total of 3 ejaculations)

[protagonist’s body position]
Track 2 and 3: lying on back in bed
Track 4: Standing while leaning against a wall

Total viewing time: 55 minutes and 16 seconds

All audio data are 320kbps mp3 files.
The demo version is an excerpt and reconstruction of the full length version.


MOMOKA。 様 : http://momostudio.web.fc2.com/

ナスムスビム 様 : https://twitter.com/nusmusbim_ss

Sound Effects
Music-Note.jp 様 : https://www.music-note.jp/se/nature.html
小森平 様 : https://taira-komori.jpn.org/

Scenario-Editing-Sound Effects (partial)]
しば : https://mistlesspiece.wixsite.com/works


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