【Forbidden Fairy Tales】A World Where It’s OK to Sexually Exploit Sonogel Vol 2

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Title:A World Where It’s OK to Sexually Exploit Sonogel Vol 2
Maker:Forbidden Fairy Tales
Release date:2021/04/24
Genre:alotofjuice/liquid, lolita, faceshot, Creampie, Fellatio, BlueRape, Incest, tsurupeta

The highlight is the continuous letting scene in File4!

A collection of illustrations with a simple story. I recommend it to people who like “fat" and “romance".

As the title says, this is a story about a world where you can legally rape girls of the Sonogel generation.

This is an omnibus collection of nine stories.

File:1[Misaki]x Fatty[Sonogel who suffered from heat stroke during a pool class].

File:2[Akari]×cameraman[talking to a father and daughter who came to see flowers].

File:3[Yui]×Fat boy[during the class with his favorite Sonogel].

File:4[Napping garden gels – 5-star rated garden gels] x volunteer nursery school teachers

[After nap time is over, I wake the garden gels up pleasantly].

☆ This File:4 is an attention-grabbing episode where I fuck four garden gels in a row! ☆

File:5[Luna Part1]×Sento no Bike-kun[With a perverted Sono-gel in the changing room of a public bath].

File:6[Luna PART2]x Father and Brother[Incest that even the mother is jealous of].

File:7[Luna PART3]×Father’s boss [with his subordinate’s daughter].

File:8[Suzune]×Father’s boss[subordinate’s daughter again].

File:9[Honoka]×Housemaid[Acting out at a photography event].

Almost all of them are composed of [2 basic pictures + 3 or 4 difference pictures].

The content of the recording

26 basic pictures

36 differential

File format: JPEG+PDF

With a collection of images without text


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