【CKD’s】Seduction interrogation type masturbation support game for female kid police

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Title:Seduction interrogation type masturbation support game for female kid police
Release date:2021/04/29
Genre:Noreversals, loli, handjob, masturbationsupport, Maleacceptance


In this country, [lolicon-san] who lusts after girls are caught for the crime of possessing inferior sperm and sent to a slave training facility.
One night, the female child policeman visited your house.
They came to question you to see if you are that [pedophile].
You are suspected in a provocative tone and angrily deny it.
There is no way that a big man can be aroused by an offering.
In order to prove your innocence, you have to play a game proposed by the female child police.

[About this work]

This work is an ona-support game voice for M.
You can play it by following the girl’s instructions and actually squeezing her dick.
This is a game in which you are forced to hold back your ejaculation while being sexually aroused in your ear by a little bitch who would never normally be aroused.

If you don’t ejaculate until the end, the game is cleared.
If you ejaculate, it’s game over.
You will be arrested by the female kid police and become a slave.

If you have a problem with the game, please contact us.
This time, the voice at the time of clearing is the content for M.

[About the seduction interrogation type masturbation support game]

This game is a seduction interrogation type masturbation support game.
The more you lust for the female kid police, the more difficult it will be to clear the rules, and you will be interrogated about your dick while being whispered at close range so persistently and insistently that your skin will stick together.

The difficulty level is low overall, but if you get even a little excited, it gets harder to clear.
There are three stages of interrogation, all of which are easy to clear if you don’t get lusty.
You can easily clear each stage if you are not in lust.

◆◆◆Prologue ◆◆◆◆
A female child policeman came to visit you at your house.

◆◆◆Rules explanation ◆◆◆
The female kid police will explain the rules of the game.

◆◆◆First stage: entrapment game (exhale – masturbation induction) ◆◆◆
This is the stage where you will be interrogated for the first time.
This is the stage where you will be interrogated to see if you can hold back from masturbating by blowing in your ear.
You are free to squirt your dick, but if you are squirting when you are declared [keep squirting], you will be interrogated to see if you can resist squirting yourself.
But if you are squeezing when you are declared [keep squeezing], you must continue squeezing until you are declared [stop] as a penalty.

If you are masturbating seriously after being defeated by breath, the danger of ejaculation will increase.
Female child policemen will whisper sweet nothings to you in a flirtatious manner, but be careful not to be fooled by anything they say.
In addition, if you are caught in a sting operation during the stage, it is hopeless to clear the stage.

[Clear Difficulty]

◆◆◆Second Stage: Penis Interrogation Game (Fellatio – False Wheezing)◆◆◆◆
This is the stage where you will be interrogated for the second time.
This is the stage where you will be interrogated for the second time.
The speed of the sucking is slower, but there is little time to rest.
If you are not careful and accept the pleasure, you will have to endure a hard ejaculation in the second half.
Don’t be fooled by the deliberate acting, and aim to get clear.

[Clear Difficulty]

◆◆◆The third stage: confession torture game (breath – ear licking)◆◆◆◆
This is the stage where you will be interrogated for the last time.
When this interrogation is over, you will be able to prove your innocence.
This is the last stage of the interrogation.
The rules are so unreasonable, and the tortures are so torturous.

If you’re not sure what you want to do, you can always try to find a way to do it.

[Clear Difficulty]

◆◆◆Game-clearing audio: Female kid police having sex with a zillion of them (lol)
This is the audio you watch when you are able to hold back ejaculation until the end and clear the game.
You can get on all fours and have waist swinging sex with the female kid policeman’s xxx.

This audio is intended for M users.
You can see what you’ll be having sex with in this video.

◆◆◆Punishment game voice ◆◆◆◆
It is the voice to watch when it ejaculates during the game.
Handcuffed by the female kid police and transported to a slave training facility.
You can also be made to say sorry as punishment for not confessing honestly.

Play time: about 1 hour and 15 minutes (excluding duplicated parts)

  • 1_Prologue
  • 2_Rules explanation
  • 3_The first stage_Sting game
  • 4_Second stage_penis interrogation game
  • 5_The third stage_Confession torture game
  • 6_Punishment game voice
  • 7. Game clearing voice
  • 7. Game clearing voice_SEなし


Voice actor: Yomiko Aoi Kyuka

Illustration: Shira



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