【Smart Insertion】JK with strong sexual desire is addicted to sex. ~Binaural/KU100]

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Title:JK with strong sexual desire is addicted to sex. ~Binaural/KU100]
Maker:Smart Insertion
Release date:2021/04/29
Genre:Binaural/Damihe, school/school, Creampie, Fellatio, Lewd, earlicking


Rie is a girl with a higher sex drive than others.

One day, she gets so horny that she masturbates on the fire escape and you accidentally catch her.

After being caught in the act, she makes a deal with you in order to keep your mouth shut. ……

This is the first time I’ve ever had a relationship with a girl in my class who has a high sex drive.
In the end, you end up with a girl who loves sex.
In the end, you will have a girl who loves sex.

This work has been recorded using [KU100] in its entirety.
It is recommended to use earphones or headphones when watching this video.

Track Summary

◆◆◆◆ Track 1: Caught masturbating on a fire escape (2:39)

You’ve somehow stopped by a fire escape.
There, you witness Li Qiye’s hidden masturbation, and he makes you promise to come back tomorrow at lunchtime.
This track is for a short introduction.

Definitely don’t bring anyone with you, okay?
You can’t spread the word about what I’ve been doing here either, okay?
I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that I’m not the only one who has a problem with that.
I’m sorry.

◆◆◆◆ track2 called me the next day (11:42)

You have come to see Li Qiye as specified.
Li Qiye calls it a deal and offers you a blowjob in exchange for not spreading the word that you’ve been masturbating.
It’s the first time she’s seen a boy’s penis and she’s a little hesitant, but then she gets carried away and starts sucking on it.

I’ll leave it to you. I’ve been masturbating and licking dildos every night.
I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear that.
Then say hello.

◆◆◆◆ Track 3 I found myself masturbating again later (12:23)

You’ve encountered her masturbation scene again.
This time she offers to show you her masturbation to each other as a bargaining chip.
However, she is somehow becoming more aggressive than before.

When she starts masturbating, she puts her face to your ear and whispers a lot of embarrassing words to you.

I’m getting so wet!
My pussy is getting ridiculous from imaginary sex.

◆◆◆◆ Track 4: Lured to an Empty Classroom (14:03)

She invites you to join her, as her interest in sex has been heightened by the masturbation they have shown each other.

[with that cock, I want you to let me masturbate].

The first time you have sex with Li Li, under the excuse that this is masturbation.
But that excuse flies away as soon as you insert it.

Ahh, this is it, this is sex!

Sex! …… Real sex where the cock goes in and out of the cunt and makes you feel good!

I’m sorry to compare it to a toy, but it’s totally different.
Huh, ahhh.

◆◆◆◆ Track 5: Summoned to the Park at Night (12:11)

Li Li, whose sexual desire has already won out over shame more than anything else, calls you to the park at night just to have sex with you.
She has been masturbating until just a few minutes ago, and she is at full throttle from the beginning.
It’s a great way to get the most out of your sex life.

Mmmm… …… Hmmm… ……

It’s no wonder my cunt is so happy!
I have to hold back my voice.

◆◆◆◆ track6 invited to your home (15:26)

You finally get to have sex at home, taking advantage of the fact that no one is home for the holidays.
Sex with no one at home. Sex with no one in the house. Sex where you don’t have to worry about getting caught when you bare your instincts and devour your pleasure.
She will be completely captivated by the sex.

Look at me, look at me!
I’m on top of you, swinging my hips and looking so sloppy.
I’m going to fuck your cock and make you come as hard as I can.


[Total play time: 1 hour, 8 minutes, 24 seconds].

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Voice actor
Ms. Kanoko

Mr. Sage-Joe

Mr. Etsuna

Audio editing
Mr. Ryoichi Takamiya

Title logo
Mr. Carrot

Smart insertion


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