【Fluffy in the near future】Sound! Dick massage parlor (Foley Sound)

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Title:Sound! Dick massage parlor (Foley Sound)
Maker:Fluffy in the near future
Release date:2021/04/24
Genre:Healing, boobs, ASMR, HottieShota, HandJob

[selling point].

健全!!ちんこマッサージ店(フォーリーサウンド) [近未来のふわふわ]

Super healthy! Dick massage parlor!!! Welcome to Massage Salon – Pendula.
KU100 dummy head microphone recording whispering voice will make you melt and relax
Real production by Foley sound, you can feel Tsuyuha’s hand technique

Track contents

健全!!ちんこマッサージ店(フォーリーサウンド) [近未来のふわふわ]

Track 1[Welcome to Pendula](12:33)
[excuse me, welcome, sir]
[stay where you are, please have a seat]
I’m Tsuyuha, I’ll be taking care of you, thank you.
I’m Tsuyuha, and I’ll be taking care of you.

Track 2 [dick massage](18:22)
[Massage lotion, spread it around.]
[This is our original lotion blend].
[Penetration makes the skin sensitive and promotes perspiration.]
[Apply thoroughly to your lower abdomen, inner thighs, balls, and liberally to your cock and the inside of your skin]. [
(testicle massage, hand job, ejaculation)

Track 3 [back massage](16:34)
[Lotion and wiping off the sperm that has been ejaculated].
Isn’t it hot? Are you okay?]
[Yes, thank you.]
[Would you like to lie on your back for the back massage?]
(back massage, prostate massage)

Track 4 [Secret Massage](13:42)
[Sir, my hands are on the sides of your body. You have a firm erection. It’s a good reaction.]
[This is a proof that the massage is working well.]
[Sir, I’m going to use a special device to massage your cock.]
[Can you close your eyes so that you can feel the effect of the massage better?]
(Cowgirl position, kissing, ejaculation)

Track 5 [Bathing Together] (12:28)
[Yes, please. You’re not hot, are you?]
[Please spread your legs, raise your hands, yes, a little, bow your head, hmm]
[yes, okay]
[here, together, this way, give yourself to me]
(shower, bath, ear massage)

Track 6 [Secret Bath Massage](14:17)
[Sir? What’s wrong, sir? I’m not going to hide anything from you now, hmm? What’s wrong?]
[yeah, hmm? Oh, my God. Oh, my God, it’s okay. Let me take a look.]
[Oh, my God, did the ear acupuncture points work already? You’ve got a big, fat erection.]
[What do you say? Let’s call it a day, shall we? Hmm? You want me to make you feel good?]
(hand job, ejaculation)

Work details

健全!!ちんこマッサージ店(フォーリーサウンド) [近未来のふわふわ]

Total play time 87:58 (with/without background music)
wav, mp3 included
High resolution (1920×1080) image illustration (with or without title)

Voice: Satsuki Sonomiya satsuki sonomiya
Picture by michel umari
Scenario: Chiaki Hayashi chiaki hayashi
Effects & Editing: Felipe Davis felipe davis
Production: Fluffy in the near future


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