【Shell Voice】You are all my sister’s, and I’ll always be yours.

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Title:You are all my sister’s, and I’ll always be yours.
Maker:Shell Voice
Release date:2021/04/24
Genre:Yandere, lovey-dovey/soft-hearted, Oneshota, Incest, Bigtits/bigtits

You’re mine and mine alone

キミはぜーんぶ お姉ちゃんだけのモノ ずっとずっとアイしてあげる [Shell Voice]

This is the first time I’ve seen this movie.

A little bit of SM in the intense play between your brother (you) and your sister (Nanami)!


I want her to like me someday.
You can’t tell your beloved sister directly about your feelings, though.
Maybe it’s because of my boyfriend who goes to the same university as me, but I’m getting more and more sexy every day [big sister].

(Even though I’ve been looking only at her for a long, long timeーー)

You can’t help but feel an irresistible urge to just think about Nanami.

In the meantime, Nanami continues to play with you with her naughty tricks, whether she knows about your tearing feelings or not.
I’ve had people press their defenseless, flabby tits against me. ……

I’ve been hanging around in hot pants, as if to show off my large buttocks and whippy thighs. ……

Even if you don’t have much knowledge about sex, you can’t help it if your favorite (opposite) sex behaves like that.
You’ve been punished for stealing Nanami’s freshly removed pants while she was in the shower.
But you and Nanami were very close siblings.

Yes, until that day came…


How will the love between you and Nanami mingle?
A sweet, sometimes mean, and S-curious older sister – life and sex life with the charming Nanami.

Enjoy intense sex with a sister who is becoming more and more attached to you and dependent on you.

Character introduction

キミはぜーんぶ お姉ちゃんだけのモノ ずっとずっとアイしてあげる [Shell Voice]

Nanami Morio (CV Shieru Kotemari)
University student. Your big sister.
She has a mild and cheerful personality, but is also prone to emotional instability.
A girl who is single-minded when it comes to her love.
She likes sweet and fluffy things.

My menu

キミはぜーんぶ お姉ちゃんだけのモノ ずっとずっとアイしてあげる [Shell Voice]

Contains a ver with and without sound effects.
Both of them are 4 tracks, and the total length is about 143 minutes.

Track 1/The First Ejaculation (28:43)
Familiarity with punishing footjobs
Finish time 1st time [25:48].

Track 2/Midnight Lesson(34:55)
Sis teaching me how to masturbate and pizzing fella
Finish time 1st[22:22]2nd[29:19]3rd[32:53]4th[33:20]

Track 3 / jealousy(33:53)
They crawled on me at night and licked each other
Finish time 1st time[9:40]2nd time[32:53]

Track 4/Honto no Kimochi(48:28)
lovey-dovey sex with my sister…
Finish time[45:28].



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