【Imoshita BC】Younger sister underground idol high price support site members only public pussy

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Title:Younger sister underground idol high price support site members only public pussy
Maker:Imoshita BC
Release date:2021/04/24
Genre:lewdwords, decadence/immorality/immorality, prostitution/enjoyment, Lewd, MultiplePlay/Orgy, Gangbang

Going to an idol’s handshake session where dirty rumors start.

Miko is an underground idol who sings and dances at an amateur level.
She is the type of younger sister who calls her fans “big brother".

They have been renting a large stage since their fans were in the double digits.
The unusually high monthly fee at the support site has led to rumors.

It’s hard to imagine at first glance what her innocent behavior and baby face would look like.
There are many fans who have been secretly wanking over the rumors, imagining her in a lascivious state.

And one [big brother] who decided to expose the contents of the limited release on the support site.
And one [big brother], determined to expose the contents of the exclusive support site, is drawn into the vulgar and animalistic orgy that unfolds there.

An underground idol’s lewd talk, continuous climax gang rape, pillow fight, and supporters-only live performance.
We have prepared a lot of dirty and vulgar play that only an idol can do.

We have a lot of dirty play for you to enjoy.


Running time: approx. 49 min.

-No SE version
-High-resolution version package illustration (with no text)

Track List

  • Smell at the handshake
  • After party for supporters only
  • Live pillow talk on the support site
  • Supporters-only live performance in erotic costumes
  • [big announcement]


[Borrowed SEs]
Mr. Dieblest
[Various sound effects 100].


Package Illustration
Ball meat rice set

[Planning-Scenario-Voice Acting]
Reine Horime


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