【Emuo Kobo】Skin Ship -Skinship- of Dosu Lolita

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Title:Skin Ship -Skinship- of Dosu Lolita
Maker:Emuo Kobo
Release date:2021/04/24
Genre:Girl, lolita, Creampie, Tittie, Torture, Reverserape, maleacceptance, Bigtits/bigtits


A big fight with her mother’s remarried father-in-law (Dad)!

The story is about a young girl who wants to make up with her dad, and decides to ask her friend (Suzuka) for help.

I want to make up with my dad, what should I do?
“It’s that simple… It’s skin-to-skin communication that makes up for it.

What is the best way to make up?
It was supposed to be, but it took a sudden turn in an unexpected direction!

How to play

Double hand job (ejaculation)
Nipple torture (finger cupping) (licking) (sucking) (nipple rubbing)
Foot Job (Knee Socks)(Multiple)(Ejaculation)(Both Feet)
Anal (prostate)(ejaculation)(penile)(vibrator)(female)
Double Pies (Ejaculation)(Blow Job)
Thigh Job (Ejaculation)
Kissing (Deep kiss)
Electric Massage (Ejaculation) (Squirting)
Cowgirl Position (Ejaculation) (Squirting) (Creampie) (Sectional View) (Staking)


Original CG collection
10 basic CGs
Total 110 pictures
PDF included


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