【Frog in the Valley】My girlfriend’s sister is pressuring me – Can I sleep with my senior? ~(Japanese)

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Title:My girlfriend’s sister is pressuring me – Can I sleep with my senior? ~(Japanese)
Maker:Frog in the Valley
Release date:2021/04/24
Genre:Binaural/Damihe, Decadence/immorality/immorality, flirtation, HandJob, Creampie, Fellatio, EarLicking

Immoral relationship with your girlfriend’s sister

You have a lover.
She is a serious, innocent, honorable and cute lover.

She has a sister.
Unlike her sister, she is a girly girl.
The younger sister of such a lover is closing in on you.

[Hey senpai, why don’t you stop being your sister’s boyfriend and become my boyfriend?]
I’ll let you do what you want anytime you want.

Play content
ear licking / hand job / blow job / kissing / virgin sex / immoral sex in her room

Lover and his sister

  • 彼女の妹に迫られて~先輩のこと寝取っちゃっていいですか?~ [谷奥の蛙]


    Miyuki Aizawa
    Height: 160cm Weight: 48kg
    B cup

    Your lover.
    A very serious honors student.
    Until recently, I thought kissing could make a child.

    [Hey, will you always love me?]

  • 彼女の妹に迫られて~先輩のこと寝取っちゃっていいですか?~ [谷奥の蛙]


    Aizawa Shinon
    157cm Weight: 48kg
    D cup

    Miyuki’s younger sister.
    A mischievous and slightly insincere gal.
    She has slightly bigger boobs than her sister.

    [nihitiI got a taste of my senpai before my sister did…]


トラック1 Lover and his sister 6:27
You are in your girlfriend’s room studying together.
Miyuki leaves her seat to make lunch.
Her sister, Shinon, arrives in the gap.
[Hey senpai, why don’t you stop being your sister’s boyfriend and become my boyfriend?]

Track 2: Intriguing Ear Licking 17:32
You couldn’t resist the temptation of Shinon.
I’m not going to be unfaithful to you if you lick my ear.
A warm, wet tongue carefully licked around both ears.

Your consciousness melts as you are raped from your earlobes to the depths of your ears.

Track 3 Hand Job Removal 15:57
When you can’t contain your excitement from the ear licking, Shinon makes a naughty suggestion.
[I can do it for you with my hands].
The words were originally meant to be rejected.
But there was not enough reason left to do so.
Shinon’s small, soft hands gently squeezed the hot, taut meat stick. ……

Track 4 Blowjob at School 15:41
Last time [I’ll do something more pleasant for you next time], Shinon had promised.
On the front steps of the school’s rooftop, she fulfills that promise.
The girl’s small, warm composition mucous membrane chews the flesh in anticipation.
The violent sound of water echoes on the landing.

Track 5 Reverse NTR in the infirmary 17:04
You are called to the infirmary.
There is no teacher, and the room is locked from the inside.
The two of you finally connect, and the immoral and graphic act takes place.
With her sister, before her lover.

Track 6: Lover’s Anxiety 3:23
Lunch break.
You’ve been told that your girlfriend Miyuki wants to talk to you.
You’re grateful that she’s getting along with Shinon, but you’re concerned about her aggressive nature.
You think that you are not good enough at relationships to give you what you want.
I’m afraid that if I don’t, my sister will take you.
I can confide in you with such sad fears.
[Hey, will you always love me?]

Track 7: Sex in your girlfriend’s room 14:17
Miyuki’s room. Lover’s room.
She’s away at the moment, at cram school.
And in her room, on her bed, were you and Shinon.
Here I want to be Shinon again.
You devour its twisted desires and engage in further immorality.

Total play time 90:21


Voice actor: Mr. Furan Raimu
Illustration by Kaeru Amane
Planning, scriptwriting, editing: Rom Okutani

Sound effects
Microscopic material
Clown possessed by the moon
ディーブルスト 色んなSound effects集100


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