【Freak Studio】University Entrance Exam for Shady Girls

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Title:University Entrance Exam for Shady Girls
Maker:Freak Studio
Release date:2021/04/17
Genre:plain/light, femalepointofview, femaleprotagonist, Noinversions, lewdwords, student, School, colortrick

[You. What about your exams?]

Yeah. I’ve decided to go for Keio University by recommendation…]

[Oh my god, aren’t you amazing? Are you okay?
You’re right.
I’ve been doing well for a year or two.
I’m sure you’re right.
Mom. I’m not too worried about it…] [

[Yeah. I’m fine.
I have my own way of doing things.

I’m working on it—]


I joined Keio University and

I found a rich, boxy, bonbon sergeant who seemed to have come up the escalator without a test.

While I still hadn’t tasted another woman’s pussy.

I would like to get on the ball by giving him a strong pussy experience.

In order to do that…

The first thing you need to do is to get a recommendation and enter the school successfully.

I’m sure you can do it every day.

Since I’m sucking the dicks of teachers, I’m well prepared for my exams.

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