【Left Gate】The battle for the club room with my childhood friend

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Title:The battle for the club room with my childhood friend
Maker:Left Gate
Release date:2021/04/11
Genre:Fetish, Noreversals, Wrestler/MartialArtist, MartialArts, Verbalabuse, Maleacceptance, bellyflop

Boxing match with a girl I grew up with!

Takuya Shinjo, who has won back-to-back national championships and is about to make his professional debut, trains hard every day and also focuses on coaching his younger colleagues. Takuya is an overwhelmingly talented fighter, but behind his indomitable fighting spirit is the memory of a humiliating defeat in his childhood.
One day, Takuya visits the club room during the women’s club practice time, and witnesses the women’s club skipping practice. As there had been a conflict over the use of the club room, Takuya was unintentionally incensed by the attitude of the female club members. In the midst of the argument, Yuna Hoshino, the leader of the women’s club, proposes to settle the issue with a boxing match. This is Yuna, Takuya’s former opponent who he lost to by KO.
This is the first time I’ve ever been to a game where you can’t lose, and you can’t lose.

This is for those who like reverse ryona and fighting M. This is a story about a man who has been beaten up by a woman in public. This is for those who enjoy the humiliation and misery of losing a boxing match to a girl in public.

Four color illustrations by Pudding Body.

I have posted a sample of the beginning on pixiv.


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