【Midnight Studio】Outing M-Okun Bullying Date – OUTLET version with company junior [Reina] -.

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Title:Outing M-Okun Bullying Date – OUTLET version with company junior [Reina] -.
Maker:Midnight Studio
Release date:2021/04/23
Genre:Binaural/Damihe, tsundere, handjob, Creampie, Verbalabuse, Haste, Earlicking, whispering

お出かけM男くんいじめデート ‐会社の後輩『玲奈』とOUTLET編‐ [深夜工房]

This work is a sequel to [Business Trip M-Okun Bullying Service – Company’s Junior [Reina] Edition].
I created this song so that people who have never seen it before will be able to listen to it without feeling uncomfortable.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy it more if you’ve listened to the previous one.

お出かけM男くんいじめデート ‐会社の後輩『玲奈』とOUTLET編‐ [深夜工房]
お出かけM男くんいじめデート ‐会社の後輩『玲奈』とOUTLET編‐ [深夜工房]
お出かけM男くんいじめデート ‐会社の後輩『玲奈』とOUTLET編‐ [深夜工房]


0Reina -Junior in the company
-A direct subordinate of the company, cool girl.
-She has a lot of sisters and brothers, and as a side job, she can put aside her pride and make good money.
You’ve started a side business called [M-man bullying service], but you’re the first customer it hits.
After that, she quit this side business and started a relationship with you.

-You are serious, caring, and unreliable, and I’m concerned about you.
He has a rare expression on his face and is a tongue twister, so he gets a cold reaction.


Scenario: Mido Naito
Illustration: Mido Nitto
Voice Actor : Ryo Amamiya
Sound Editor: Mr. Yuya Kuratsuki


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