【Tiramisu 】I cuckolded and impregnated a big-breasted part-time gal with a boyfriend!

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Title:I cuckolded and impregnated a big-breasted part-time gal with a boyfriend!


Release date:2021/04/23
Genre:tits\r\n, uniform\r\n, “stealinganotherswife(husband, lover)whilesleeping\r\n", intravaginal(anal, etc.)ejaculation\r\n, givingsomeoneahardtime\r\n, anal\r\n, pigtails\r\n, Bigbelly/Pregnantwoman\r\n

If you don’t tell the manager, I’ll give you my virginity.


The protagonist is a freelancer who works part-time at a convenience store.

He is a younger student, but he is a little concerned about Asami Kato, a senior at his part-time job.

Asami is a cute gal who takes good care of people. She also has amazingly large breasts that can be seen even through her clothes.


The protagonist witnesses Asami and her boyfriend, a charlatan, secretly having sex in the office.

The protagonist is discouraged, but convinces herself that if she is so cute, she must have a boyfriend…

The next day, the hero warns Asami that if the manager finds out, he’ll be fired…

「あちゃ~、見られてたか。If you don’t tell the manager, I’ll give you my virginity.

Asami misunderstands that the protagonist is threatening him and offers him a deal.

It’s an unexpected turn of events, but the hero has no choice but to refuse.

Having sex for the first time, the protagonist enjoys Asami’s huge breasts and the feel of what she says is a great organ.

Asami, on the other hand, was inwardly delighted by the hero’s unexpectedly huge cock.

“Well, for a first time, it felt pretty good, and I wouldn’t mind doing it again once in a while.

The two continue to have sex as friends whenever they get the chance, but one day things get awkward when the protagonist makes love to a woman without permission.

However, Asami can’t forget the pleasure of a Creampie and is eager to have sex with the hero.

“I missed the last train. Can you stay over so I can have sex with you?

She lies and asks to stay at the hero’s house.

The hero realizes Asami’s lies and true intentions.

“If Asami-chan becomes my girlfriend, I will not only fuck her today, but in the future as well.

Asami was forced to make a choice.


Asami Kato

A senior at the protagonist’s part-time job. A student.

She has J-cup breasts.

He is very caring and takes care of the main character, a junior part-timer.

He is older than her, but he listens to what she says, so he likes the main character in his own way.

She’s a little frustrated that her boyfriend, a charlatan, is not good at sex.

She’s used to sex and likes to take the lead, but she’s actually a bit of a M and likes to be fucked roughly.

However, he doesn’t realize this because he has too great a penis and his partner comes too quickly.

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She witnessed Asami and her boyfriend having sex in the office.

You’ll be able to have your tits squeezed and your cock sucked by hand!

I lost my virginity to a younger student gal. I lost my virginity to a younger student gal.

Six nines. Asami is also very happy when I cunnil her.

In the cowgirl position. The main character’s huge cock makes Asami tense up inside.

I’m a part-timer, and I’ve been asked to secretly pull out my breasts while serving customers.

Asami is angry, but she is drowning in raw pleasure. Asami is angry, but she is drowning in the raw pleasure.

I’m not sure if this is a good idea or not.

I’m going to have my boyfriend call you and make you cum!

Asami has just broken up with her boyfriend, and as a reward, she gets to have her seed pressed!

In the office, they just keep on doing it!

I’m going to have sex with a pregnant Asami!

A CG novel with illustrations and text

11 basic CGs: 3 types: full-length version/with onomatopoeia without text/without text and onomatopoeia

Total volume of 675 pages

Two types of PDF files (normal and lightweight) for viewing on smartphones are included.

In the smartphone version, the “with onomatopoeia without text/without text onomatopoeia" version can only be viewed in a browser.


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