【072LABO】[URGENTLY NEEDED] Please help us with sperm donation ★ [Ruined Orgasm 4 – Street Corner] by gentle lady – Technique Ruined Orgasm that can be produced many times – [Sperm Bank].

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Title:[URGENTLY NEEDED] Please help us with sperm donation ★ [Ruined Orgasm 4 – Street Corner] by gentle lady – Technique Ruined Orgasm that can be produced many times – [Sperm Bank].
Release date:2021/04/19
Genre:lewdwords, Continuousclimax, Binaural/Damihe, Blowjob, Torture, Forced/Forced, earlicking

【急募】精子提供のご協力をお願いします★優しいお姉さんによる「ルーインドオーガズム4・街角編」~何度も出せるテクニックRuined Orgasm~【精子バンク】 [072LABO]

Ideally, you should abstain from masturbation for three to seven days before listening.
A paper cup is useful because you don’t have to use your hands during ejaculation. Also, in the film, the girl makes the male domesticated animal (you) ejaculate into the paper cup, which increases the sense of immersion.

The video is recorded with a binaural microphone (KU100). Please enjoy it with earphones.

Hello, I’m Saotome Onigiri.
This piece is about the “sperm donation" that you see on the streets these days.
If you are a man reading this, you are a sperm donor, having your sperm removed in succession by a woman.

This audio work is an ona-support work that can be enjoyed in a game format.
Almost all ejaculations require you to perform a ruined ejaculation using a technique called a ruined orgasm.
The story is linked to that of “Ruined Orgasm 1", but it is also possible to enjoy “Ruined Orgasm 4" first.

Convenient to have: Paper cup
This is a great way to get a sense of immersion, immorality, and humiliation when you actually ejaculate into a paper cup. In addition, you can let go of your hand and ejaculate into the paper cup, so when you are about to ejaculate, you can insert it into the paper cup and shoot it.

When I was walking alone in the shopping street, a kind-looking lady approached me and said, “Please help us with sperm donation. She told me that there was a shortage of sperm in the world. That’s why they want us to donate sperm at a sperm bank, which is like donating blood. If there are people in need, you can help! I decided to cooperate with the sperm bank out of a desire to help someone in need, as well as some ulterior motives. If you’re a first timer, you can start with Plan A, which is one ejaculation only.
In Plan A, the ejaculation method called “roofied orgasm," which oozes with pleasure, does not cause sage time and does not interfere with sexual desire afterwards. This seems to be less of a burden on your body. After getting a taste of Plan A, you offer to help out with Plan B at a later date, just in case someone is in need.

【急募】精子提供のご協力をお願いします★優しいお姉さんによる「ルーインドオーガズム4・街角編」~何度も出せるテクニックRuined Orgasm~【精子バンク】 [072LABO]

Yuna (CV Haruru Akiyama)
A cute girl in her early twenties. She has a unique background as a former livestock farmer. She wanted to use her skills to help others, so she switched careers to work as a sperm donor at a sperm bank. Since his previous job was as a livestock farmer, he has mastered the Ruined Orgasm technique, which is essential for semen extraction.

Semen Pressing? A livestock farmer? What kind of work did he do?
Today, Yuna stands on a street corner looking for a sperm donor and appeals for a sperm donation.

[rooind orgasm
Ruined Orgasm(rind rgzm)
Meaning: ruined ejaculation

Ejaculation should be done with a rooind orgasm. A ruined orgasm is a special ejaculation method where the hand is removed during ejaculation. This method of ejaculation is less likely to result in sage time and allows you to ejaculate multiple times while maintaining an erection.
For more information about Ruined Orgasm, please see the description of Ruined Orgasm 1.

[How to listen to the film
You can enjoy the story freely, or you can play it as a game.
You can enjoy the story freely or enjoy it in a game format. ・The game comes with a shiko shiko voice version and a kuchu sound version.
You can also use the sound to manage your speed.

[For listening while squirming
What to prepare
Please prepare a paper cup or a box of tissues so that you can use it several times.
Paper cups are highly recommended for this work.
You can also dispense directly into a tissue, but since you will be dispense several times, it is more convenient to dispense into a paper cup rather than using a lot of tissue.
In the case of a paper cup, when you reach the limit, put the tip in and let it drip out.
Keep pouring out into the paper cup, and at the end of the game, flush the contents down the toilet, rinse the paper cup lightly, and then throw it away.
In the scene of the game, you will be made to ejaculate into a paper cup. In the scene, you will be made to ejaculate into a paper cup, so having a paper cup will enhance the sense of immersion.


Keep your hand away from your penis just before and during ejaculation, and let it drip out.
Remove your hand from your penis a few seconds before ejaculation if possible.
If you are using a masturbator, pull it out of the masturbator and let go and let the semen drip out.
If you are using a masturbator, remove it from the masturbator and let the semen drip out.
You can take a break after ejaculation, but be sure to start squirting again when you hear the word “hentai".

If you are unlucky (or fortunate) enough to be called a hentai during a rooind orgasm, please start shagging again during ejaculation and enjoy the second stage of climax. In that case, as a bonus, you can continue to cum until the current ejaculation is complete. When the bonus ejaculation is over, take your hands off and rest until you hear the next hentai.
Note: The bonus ejaculation will be quite intense and pleasurable.

★Game over
If you fail to ejaculate even once in each stage of sperm donation, or if you ejaculate in the endurance stage, the game is over. You will not be able to proceed, and you will have to start over from the beginning of that stage next time. The Donate Sperm stage will be cleared if you ejaculate in the middle of the stage.

Game Abandonment
If you want to quit the game, you can do so at any point.
You can enjoy the second stage of climax if you shimmy as fast as you can right after you let out a few “thumps, thumps" in a rooind orgasm.

[Note to listeners with premature ejaculation.
This is the first time I’ve ever seen a game where you can play with a large number of ejaculations, or a small number of ejaculations, so even if you have premature ejaculations you can still enjoy it to the fullest. However, the more you ejaculate prematurely, the more times you will have to ejaculate and the more hell you will experience. A looped orgasm can be really painful because of the sustained pleasure. Please break it up into several stages as much as possible.

Track List

01 Notes

02 Meeting with Yuna – explanation of the rooind orgasm.
When you’re walking down the street alone, a cute lady calls out to you as if she’s asking you to donate blood. What? Sperm? That sperm? I couldn’t believe my ears at the erotic manga-like view of the world, but this was reality. Of course, I decided to cooperate with the sperm donation.

03 Plan A – One Ejaculation Trial Plan
I can’t believe this is really happening! A girl can make you feel good and it’s free? I’m glad I was born in Japan! It’s time for the sperm donation to begin. The first step is to ejaculate once to get the hang of the roofied orgasm while being taught by the cute Yuna. (Number of ejaculations: 1)

04 Plan B – Hand Job from Sister
You are told that there is a peachy service in Plan B, and you decide to cooperate with the sperm donation out of complete ulterior motives. It seems that Yuna will let you ejaculate into the sperm donation paper cup many times with her hands. You’ll be able to get a lot more out of it than you think.

05 Plan B1 – Ejaculation with a blowjob
Today we have another pleasant peachy service from Yuna. I am dreaming of getting a blow job and hand job from cute Yuna. It’s a great way to make sure you’re getting the most out of your time with us. The only thing is that you’re being squeezed while your energy is being drained, so you’re feeling light-headed and your brain can’t make normal decisions. But it feels so good!

06 Plan B2 – Improve your condition
It seems that yesterday’s sperm donation was a little thin in some areas, so they decided to give me a break today. It’s not that I’m taking a break, it’s just that I’m not donating sperm. And even if you feel like you’re about to ejaculate, you have to hold back and improve the condition of your semen. If you fail here, you will be back to the very beginning of Plan B. (0 ejaculations)

07 Plan B3 – Foot Job Domination and Hand Job
You are gradually losing your ability to make normal judgments in the pleasure trip state. Here you will be given a footjob by the cute Yuna. And when Yuna says a naughty word, your body will be “imprinted" with intense pleasure. You will drool from both your mouth and your cock as you devote yourself to Yuna. Yuna will even give you a cute name. (Ejaculation frequency: 1 time to infinite)

08 Plan B4 – Soaked in roofied orgasm
You have become like Yuna’s pet. You are so happy to be taken care of with baby talk. She is so happy to be taken care of with baby talk. She will ejaculate as many times as she wants for Yuna’s mom. I love you, Yuna mom.

09 Plan Completed – A Request from Yuna’s Mom
Pee-chan has reached the prescribed amount of sperm for sperm donation. Yuna’s mom makes a request. Please listen to Plan B4 with an erection. (Ejaculation count: 1)

10 To Pee-chan – Ask me when you want to see me, okay? ~[Bonus Track].
It’s been a few days since you finished your sperm donation, and you’re doing your best to do what Yuna told you to do. Then one day, you receive a letter from Yuna’s mom. What? A letter, but ejaculation management? (Ejaculation count: 1 to infinite)
You can enjoy paper cup rooind orgasm ejaculation management at a later date or in between other works. Listen to this letter if you want to be rooind orgasm managed by Yuna’s mom.

11 Introduction to the work and ear licking [Bonus Track].
This audio was released as an introduction to the work. It contains an ear lick with a countdown in the second half.

【急募】精子提供のご協力をお願いします★優しいお姉さんによる「ルーインドオーガズム4・街角編」~何度も出せるテクニックRuined Orgasm~【精子バンク】 [072LABO]

[Product version set contents].
Format: mp3(320kbps)/high-res wav included
Total time: approx. 2 hours 35 minutes (including approx. 27 minutes of Bonus Track)
Contents: mp3 file (11 files for shiko & couture, 8 files for shiko only: difference, 8 files for couture only: difference), wav file (11 files for shiko & couture), 3 images for artwork, 1 illustration for bonus work, description text file

Production Credits
イラスト:毒でんぱ https://twitter.com/bluexkiller
CV:秋山はるる https://twitter.com/hiiragi_mafuyu
脚本:早乙女おにぎり https://twitter.com/072labo
Sound Editor: 072LABO
Planning: 072LABO
honorifics omitted

[circle info]
072LABO (Zerona Nina Labo)

072LABO:Onasapo sound work circle
072LABO Collaboration: Collaboration with distribution companies
072LABO Music: Onasapo music label

[please read notes].
All audio works and accompanying materials are fictions and jokes that are works of art about the fantasy of using audio for sexual play. If you perform it, you may overload your body with [hellish pleasure], which is different from masturbation where you used to ejaculate freely. We are not responsible for any damage caused by the words of the characters in this work.


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