【The story of a young woman who has a baby.】The story of my sister and I who got married by my parents.

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Title:The story of my sister and I who got married by my parents.
Maker:The story of a young woman who has a baby.
Release date:2021/04/19
Genre:sister, sister-in-law, sister, Student, Creampie, Pregnancy/impregnation, MultiplePlay/Orgy, EarLicking

This is a great combination of two very naughty JK sisters who are going to attack you in an erotic way.

This is a binaural audio work recorded at KU100.
This is the first time I’ve ever heard of a new sister and boyfriend.
This is the first time I’ve ever had a girl lick me, suck on me, and give me a Creampie.

Character Introduction

  • 親の再婚でできた姉と妹にいっぱいえっちなことされちゃう話 [ふぃーるあっぷ♪]

    Sister: Saki
    An invincible JK who knows nothing to fear.
    She is a super carnivore and will not let her prey escape.
    He is a man of great energy who pulls Miu along with him and carries out a series of erotic attacks.
    She also shows her sisterly gentleness and receptiveness.
    (CV: Kaede Akino)

  • 親の再婚でできた姉と妹にいっぱいえっちなことされちゃう話 [ふぃーるあっぷ♪]

    Younger sister: Miu
    An energetic, eccentric, loli-breasted JK.
    She has an innocent appearance and behavior, but she supports her sister in pornography.
    But he’s a slacker who can’t do anything on his own.

    She is aware of this, and is always following her lively sister around.

    (CV: Popura Sawano)


After your parents remarry, you have a new sister and a younger sister who are not related to you by blood, and they live together.
But they are very naughty and carnivorous JKs.
You are a virgin, but your sisters attack you daily and devour your body.
What the hell is this, no matter how much sperm I make it won’t be enough.


I’d like to know what you think of this.
The first night of my new life with my sisters.
I’m going to be crawling in the night with my erotic sisters from day one.
Your virginity is in danger.

“How can I resist living under the same roof with such a cute boy?

(ear licking / brush down sex)

2. bathing together… let’s give a hand job while washing the body…(16:11)

While you are taking a bath, Saki and Miu barge into your bathroom.

I’m sandwiched between two soft bodies, and I’m covered in bubbles.

And their hands are on your cock…?

“Do you feel good, big brother? Make me feel so good.

It’s white and thick… let’s go pew pew pew.

(female body lathering/ear licking/kissing/hand job)

I’ll wake you up with 3 morning blowjobs…(17:32)
You woke up to the feeling of something slippery.

There are sisters who have been sucking your cock since morning…

“Just waking her up normally is boring, so I woke her up in a rather exciting way.

You know what I’m talking about. It’s Asa Fe La.


4 games in the living room.
In the game with the three of us, the sisters who can’t win at all will try to sabotage your operation with erotic attacks.
No, it’s… it’s… it’s bad, because my mom’s right here…

“Sis… isn’t this really a bad idea? Isn’t your mother in the kitchen?

[It’s okay. You can’t see it from this angle. Don’t worry.]

(ear licking/kissing/hand job/fellatio)

My sister, Miu, crawled on me at night to get back at me.

It’s no good being a man if all you do is get laid.

You decide to crawl in the night to your sister, Miu.

You’ll have to force yourself on Miu, who doesn’t want to…

I’m not going to be able to do it.

I’m going to have a baby…]

(ear licking/dangerous day seeding sex)

I’m going to have sex with you while my parents are away.
My parents are out today and it’s just the three of us at home.
I can have sex all I want without worrying about my parents’ eyes.
What is the future of the love triangle created by the end of erotic life?
How many shots are you going to squeeze out of me?

I’ll love you for all of your cool and pathetic parts.
[I’ll love all of your cool and pathetic parts.]

(ear licking/kissing/face-to-face sitting confession sex/naked apron new wife play sex/double pussy ear licking whispering sex)

Total play time 2 hours 6 minutes

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