【I’m not a fan.】Lolita Training] Forced Sex That Takes Advantage of an Elf’s Innocence – It Feels Good – Virginity Membrane Punched Out * Pleasure Training [KU100

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Title:Lolita Training] Forced Sex That Takes Advantage of an Elf’s Innocence – It Feels Good – Virginity Membrane Punched Out * Pleasure Training [KU100
Maker:I’m not a fan.
Release date:2021/04/17
Genre:Binaural/Damihe, ASMR, Lolita, Love/Love/Amaaaa, Creampie, Fellatio, Torture, EarLicking

【ロリ調教】Elfの純情に付け込む無理矢理セックス気持ちいぃ~♪処女膜ブチ抜き★快楽調教【KU100】 [白桃堂]
【ロリ調教】Elfの純情に付け込む無理矢理セックス気持ちいぃ~♪処女膜ブチ抜き★快楽調教【KU100】 [白桃堂]
【ロリ調教】Elfの純情に付け込む無理矢理セックス気持ちいぃ~♪処女膜ブチ抜き★快楽調教【KU100】 [白桃堂]
【ロリ調教】Elfの純情に付け込む無理矢理セックス気持ちいぃ~♪処女膜ブチ抜き★快楽調教【KU100】 [白桃堂]

Taking the innocence of an unspoiled, pure loli elf

【ロリ調教】Elfの純情に付け込む無理矢理セックス気持ちいぃ~♪処女膜ブチ抜き★快楽調教【KU100】 [白桃堂]

An elf priestess on a mission to protect her innocence – Pule.

It’s a good thing I was protected by you in this world I wandered into, and you took me under your wing.
It’s a good thing that you’re not the only one who can’t control your desires.

I love pure and innocent loli girls!
I like sweet atmosphere!
I want to forcibly expose the innocence of a loli girl who knows nothing about anything.

This is the one that I would recommend to you.

This is a story about a young girl who has wandered into this world from another world, and is protected by you.
The story is about a young girl, Puru, who lives in a house with her parents.

Pule says she has never been in love due to her tradition as an elven priestess.
But she has grown quite fond of you, and at night, when you’re under the covers together, she says, “I’m so happy to see you.

If I were to become a lover, I would want someone like you.


You can’t control your desire anymore.
Uncovering the immature body of a pure and innocent loli girl elf!


[Character Introduction]

Height: 145cm Weight: 40kg B71(B)-W65-H77
A girl with long blond hair. Green eyes. Long ears. Long ears.
Her breasts are faintly puffy.
No knowledge of sex at all.
I have no contact with men, and I have a longing for love.
She is also a good judge of character.
Housework in general
I’ve never had a normal relationship, so I like a sweet atmosphere.
No, because I am a virgin and my body is immature.
It is also customary for a priestess to be celibate for life and not to have sex.
They have no knowledge of sex and no tolerance for men.
After my reincarnation, I was lost in the streets and you protected me.
He secretly lives with you in your house, and does housework.
There is no sexual activity until the start of this story, and no body touching with you.
Just a pat on the head.

[track content]
★トラック1:Puleとの甘々な日常 (3分56秒)
~This is the first time I’ve ever seen this. It’s ready to eat! ~(3 min.)
If you’ve come home tired from work today, we’re here to help you.

Track 2: It started with a kiss, and then gradually (8:51)
~It was [good night] together, but…

Track 3: Your caresses will make you soft and tender (11:09)
~Kissing makes me feel all warm and fuzzy ……~

It’s getting harder and harder to stop, and I’m using my tongue to get all over the place. ……

★トラック4:無知なPuleの耳舐めご奉仕 (11分7秒)
~I want to make you feel good too.
The faltering tongue feels so good.

★Track 5: Purring your cock with your little mouth (12:1)
~I’m going to do my best, even if it smells weird~.
You’re totally excited and your requests are gradually escalating.

★トラック6:無理矢理挿入!ロリっ娘Elfの処女膜貫通 (12分38秒)
~Oh no, I’ll go crazy if you keep doing that!


Track 7: Epilogue (3min 2sec)
~It’s terrible, but…
Please enjoy the final part in the full length version ♪

Total: 62 minutes and 44 seconds

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Author:Twin Palm Flower
Scenario:Satomi Rito
Illustration by Hako
Voice actor: MOMOKA.


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