【The bell rings at 2:00 AM】The Fox in the Pot – Gen

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Title:The Fox in the Pot – Gen
Maker:The bell rings at 2:00 AM
Release date:2021/04/17
Genre:Healing, binaural/damihe, heartwarming, handjob, animalears

Summary of work

A sunny day after a typhoon

You] who casually went out

A little hedge sweeping from the wind and rain. A beastly path caught my eye.

Curious, [you] step deeper.

Then, in a slightly open area, you find a tattered shrine with sunlight filtering through the trees.

Mixed in with the sound of the wind and the chirping of the birds, [you] hear a human cry.

You wondered and walked over to the voice.

You will find a young girl [Kinako] weeping on the side of the shrine.

Recommended points
A girl who is withdrawn and a bit brazen, but has an insufferable atmosphere.
Sometimes I’m lazy, sometimes I’m busy, sometimes I’m lovey-dovey.


Main track (about 60 minutes): 6 tracks (WAV/MP3)

1 encounter verse (about 4 minutes)

2Day One [Invitation Verse] (approx. 7.5 min.)

3Seventh Day[Section of Going Out](about 10 minutes)

421st Day [Bathing](about 12 and a half minutes)

521st day[Night time verse](about 21min)

6Parting verse(about 4min.)

Character introduction

壺中ノ狐・源 [AM2:00に鈴は鳴る]

A reclusive enshrined youkai.
I’ve been using the tablet my sister gave me.
All modern subcultures, etc.
While looking up information
Hiding from the public eye
A girl who spends her days in seclusion

The voice

  • Ms. Mia Narusaka (Kinako) Twitter:(@narusaka_mia)


  • Scenario: Ms. TAMA Konnyaku
  • Editing: Mr. Sanwari Twitter: (@sanwarinrin)
  • イラスト:犬糞 様 (https://www.brownsolid.com/ )
  • Package Logo Design: Ms. Masaka Namishi Twitter:(@konamiko_made)
  • Circle Logo Design: Mr. Zumao
  • Planning: The bell rings at 2:00 AM (@bell_AM2_00)


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