【Naname no Rorozeta】Super Light Fighting Woman Atrax(4)

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Title:Super Light Fighting Woman Atrax(4)
Maker:Naname no Rorozeta
Release date:2021/04/02
Genre:Femaleprotagonist, shapeshiftingheroine, ScienceFiction, MartialArts, Slender, Blood/Bloodshed, Lyona

Atralux (Atralux) Reiza goes out! This is the first time I’ve ever seen a movie where the characters are in the middle of a fight.

Atrax – Rayzah appears!
In this episode, we’ll take a look at a few of the many ways in which you can help the Vermillion Warrior.
Atrax – Makia Amakawa, a.k.a. Neon, is still in a coma in the ICU.
In the meantime, the Divergent Beasts are relentlessly attacking humanity–!
The one who stands in front of it is the one whose entire body is colored in fiery vermilion.
A new warrior, [Atrarx-Reiza], whose entire body was colored a fiery vermilion!
But the divergent beast that appeared was as if it knew Rayza’s characteristics in advance.
It was as if he knew her traits in advance.
It’s a good thing that you’re not the only one who has a problem with this.
Overcome! Vermillion Super Light Combat Woman! Cut down the looming threat!

Vol4[Rayzah, the Vermillion Atrax! Slice through the trap that has been set for you, the two great divergent beasts! << Shape-memory Mucous Beast Talobalon - Hard-skinned Divergent Beast Kephragnoids appear>>] [


Amaga Makia (Atrax Neon), who was badly injured in the recent battle, has fallen into a coma.
A new warrior, Atrax Rayzah, rescued Neon from the final blow of the recent battle.
And it was that shape-shifter, Rayzah-Messerschmitz.
She was a researcher for a different organization than the PPDMF, but she was attacked by a Divergent Beast a few years ago.
In the event of that attack, the [core] of the Divergent Beast that had been complemented in the laboratory was pierced in the eyes.
And then Reiza was “atorized".

In the laboratory, research is being conducted to artificially create a new atralex, a warrior against the divergent beasts, but
But no match had ever been found.
In such a situation, it was nothing short of a twist of fate that Rayzah was a fit person, and that it turned out to be so at the moment of life and death.

Rayzah has been training to fight the Divergent Beasts in secret and has never been seen on the stage.

But that was when Neon was able to handle the divergent beasts on its own.

It was clear from Neon’s hard-fought victory that the Divergent Beasts had been increasing their power in recent years.
While Neon is down, who will fight the Divergent Beasts?
At that moment, the Divergent Beast alarm sounded.
The Republican Union of Lusia, two Divergent Beasts have appeared.
Rayzah received a call from the PPDMF headquarters and rushed to the scene.




Main story




Thank you for looking.
This is the fourth one.
It’s been half a year since I published a new book, and it’s been a year since the first volume came out, so please enjoy this new battle.


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