【White x Lovers】The story of how my childhood friend’s black gal bitch boy daughter cuckolded her and raped her backwards

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Title:The story of how my childhood friend’s black gal bitch boy daughter cuckolded her and raped her backwards
Maker:White x Lovers
Release date:2021/04/15
Genre:Binaural/Damihe, “mansdaughter", cuckold, HandJob, Creampie, anal, earlicking, nipple/areola

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幼馴染の黒ギャルビッチ男の娘に彼女を寝取られて逆レイプされる話 [ホワイト×ラバーズ]


For the first time in my life, I have a girlfriend.
One day, my childhood friend Kaede came to visit me.

“Hello, ……, we’re out of rooms. What do you think? Doesn’t this uniform look good on me?

“I borrowed it from a friend of mine… Look, my thighs are slippery and feel good, so touch them…

What’s with the erection? What’s with the erection?]

Kaede’s uniform looked great on her.

[Speaking of which, who do you think I borrowed this uniform from? I borrowed it from your girlfriend…]
I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that suits you.
[What? You want her back? That’s right – I got to go out with a girl for the first time and I still haven’t had sex with her…] [
[Well, I’ll give it back to you if you endure my hand job.]

That day I found out that my childhood friend’s male daughter had cuckolded my girlfriend

Character Introduction

幼馴染の黒ギャルビッチ男の娘に彼女を寝取られて逆レイプされる話 [ホワイト×ラバーズ]

Tracklist [Total play time: 53 minutes].

幼馴染の黒ギャルビッチ男の娘に彼女を寝取られて逆レイプされる話 [ホワイト×ラバーズ]

01 Prologue[1:10].

02The ear licking hand job of the guy’s daughter who slept with her[12:19].
(Cuckold, ear licking, hand job, countdown ejaculation, verbal abuse)

03Virginity Graduation Ass Pussy Nakadashi Mating[13:27]
(Blowjob, anal sex, Creampie, cowgirl, verbal abuse, nipple torture, school swimsuit)

04Men’s Daughter Nipple and Prostate Torture[16:09].
(mesmerizing, normal position, anal sex, nipple torture, verbal torture, prostate torture, tongue fucking)

05Why I Cuckolded My Girlfriend – Oh My God, Sleeping With Her Whispering Hand Job [10:00].
(Sleeping together, whispering, hand job, tongue kiss)


  • WAV and MP3 included
  • Cover illustration included
  • No SE ver included
  • High quality binaural microphone [SAMREC2700Pro] is used.


Voice actor: Usagi Ririmu. Voice actor: Ririmu Usagi.

Illustration: Mr. Mitabi-Eichi

Scenario: Mr. Ikuko Tsutaya

Sound Effects
ディーブルスト様 【いろんなSound Effects集100】
Tigerlily [Sound Effects by tigerlily]

Production Circle: White x Lovers


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