【polbockle】My mother was having sex with my friend.

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Title:My mother was having sex with my friend.
Release date:2021/04/15
Genre:boy, Shota, mother, Maturewomen, Marriedwoman, sexy, affair, Cuckoldry

Alaa mother of frat boy Hiro messed with her friend and had sex with her.
This is an original manga where Hiro witnesses the event.

This is an original manga about a woman who has a husband who is on a business trip, and a mother who has a son, Hiro, who is a student.
She asks Hiro to invite her favorite classmate to her house.
Hiro thought they were just going to meet and talk.
In fact, my mother had lewd intentions.
Hiro despairs when he sees the reality.

This is an original 18×18 black and white manga with content like this.

Page number 55P
□Size 770 wide x 1400 long
Format JPEG+PDF(Please use your own viewer.)


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