【Hinotama Firearms】I’d like to introduce you to my family.

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Title:I’d like to introduce you to my family.
Maker:Hinotama Firearms
Release date:2021/04/19
Genre:Maniac/pervert, Collar/chain/restraint, Animal/Pet, SM, Training, Verbalabuse, bestiality, nudity

A girl falls into the lap of her stepmother and stepsisters.

The story of Hikaru Kanmaki, a schoolgirl who becomes a pupil of a stepmother.
The story follows Hikaru Kamimaki, a schoolgirl who is ostracized by her stepmother and stepsisters and treated as the family’s pet dog.

The story is about a young girl who is threatened by her sadistic stepmother and is unable to resist the merciless SM training that is given to Hikaru on a daily basis.
The story is based on a true story of a young man who is trained to be like a real dog in both body and soul.

This is the story of a man who is forced to live as a canine for an endless period of time.

This is an illustration of an original SM novel that was previously published on another site and was well received.
(*The original novel is included in PDF format)

Main contents
-Futa Nari Chastity Belt Training
-Stuffed suit forced on
-beastiality & reverse beastiality
-Temptation & Neglect
-Human Canine Restraint
-dog tricks
-verbal abuse

This is a niche CG collection of inane eroticism with a lot of maniacal pet play that ignores human rights.
(Because it reproduces the original story, a small part of it contains elements such as ska, cuckoldry, and intercourse scenes with male characters. Please be careful.)

13 basic CGs + 2 extras.
More than 300 CG differences in total.
(This includes the main story with text and differences without text)
Original novel (PDF, *almost the same as the one published on Pixiv)


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