【Hypnotic_Yanh】Nightmare at the Doll Whorehouse<

[Ranking]24 Hours:#5, 7 Days:#16, 30 Days:#68
Title:Nightmare at the Doll Whorehouse<
Release date:2021/04/19
Genre:Continuousclimax, HypnoticVoice, whip/rope/candle, Lolita, Sexchange(TS), Lesbian/Female, SM, Blowjob


The latest in the hypnosis of sorrow series!
This time it is a continuous climax. The climax is repeated up to 30 times.
This work is an audio work that applies hypnosis technology. There is a difference in the way hypnosis is applied between individuals.
This is for both men and women. This is a female voice, but it can be listened to by women without any problem. If you are a male, you will hear TS expressions.
A lewd dream that repeats itself night after night. It’s the story of a man who was turned into a puppet by a man who was carved with a lewd mark.
A poor girl’s dream.

It’s a dream of a poor girl who was carved into a doll.

And you, too, will finally be made into a girl doll.

In the depths of a dark, doll-whorehouse prison, repeated and thorough humiliation and desperate torture training.
The last training that awaits you after you endure it and become a doll whore, is…

[climax hell]

Yes, you’ve been turned into a doll, and you’re now automatically climaxing from the mechanical devices in your body.
Such a miserable existence.

The never-ending succession of climaxes that should have felt so good has turned into pain, and you’re left with no choice but to climax.
The climax itself becomes a torture and torments you thoroughly.

But it can’t be helped, can it? You’ve made the decision to become a doll.
You can’t help it. So you just have to endure until the end.

Normal Listening

  • 01_hypnotic_induction_SHORT
  • 02_Feminization(Please remove if you are female)
  • 03_Dollification(1)
  • 04_Service training
  • 05. Punishment for peeing
  • 06. Triangular wooden horse
  • 07_Climax Hell Normal(18)(Selectable from 4 difficulty levels)
  • 08_The Last Climax(1)
  • 09_Hypnosis release

Voice for replacement

  • 01_hypnosis induction Long
  • 07_Climax Hell Easy(12)
  • 07_Climax Hell Hard(24)
  • 07_Climax_Jigoku_VeryHard(29)

Terms of Use – Precautions

This audio induces a continuous dry orgasm. There is no description of ejaculation, even when listened to by men.

The intensity of the continuous climax can be adjusted to four levels by combining the audio files. Please consider your own physical condition and tolerance for dry orgasms when combining them.

Normal Listening時間は、2時間14分です。最長の組み合わせは、2時間24分となります。
After the second time, you can listen without some files in the middle.
Please check the README file in the work for details.
Please do not overdo it.

There is nothing special to prepare, but please look at the illustrations carefully before you ask
You can immerse yourself in the story better by looking at the illustrations beforehand.

Play content:
Puppetization / Feminization (male only) / Pleasurable climax / Lesbian cunnilingus / Blowjob / Shame blame / Peeing / Whipping / Triangle horse / Continuous climax

About illustrations

I asked horror manga artist Sen no Knife for an illustration!
This work follows the world view of Chino Knife’s early works. I hope you can enjoy the unique atmosphere and psychological description of this work, although my work cannot reach that level.
Seven original illustrations are attached to this work. Even if you are not interested in the audio, I hope you will enjoy it.
The dream I have every night starts with being put in a coffin
When the coffin is opened, a woman with cold eyes carves a lewd pattern into her lower abdomen.
The coffin is closed again and taken to a cell at the far end of the doll whorehouse.
There, you will be thoroughly trained to become a doll whore.
The other patrons of the brothel continue to watch as she cries out on a triangular wooden horse.
I’m finally a doll whore, and I’m waiting for my final training.
It’s hell. Yes, the most horrible climax hell begins.


Shiho Bebekawara

[illustration – character design].
Sen no Knife

[Scripting – Editing – Production].

[sound effects]
yanh(http://blog.livedoor.jp/yanh_japan/ )
月に憑かれたピエロ(http://uyuu.jp/ )
シロクマの嫁(http://sirokuma-ayaka.info/ )
小森平(http://taira-komori.jpn.org/ )


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